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Persuasive Prezi

Should religious clothes be banned in school?

Sean Davis

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Persuasive Prezi

I am for the topic.
Religous clothing should be banned from school because in a public school there are many different religous backrounds, if one religon were to wear this clothing it may offend another religon. Also if you are advertising your religon it may create a sperate group for people of one religon, causing seperation among the school, and almost a form of segregation. Should religious clothes be banned in school? Opposition one
Religous clothing reflects ones personal opinion and beliefs Opposition two
Some religons require this clothing to be worn at all times Opposition three
Violates the first amendment Points of Arguement
1:Wihtout religon and clothing everyone may get along better
2:Solve boundary problems
3:knowone would be left out
4:all avialable time may be put to learning
5:segregation would be fixed
6:no problems with students transferring schools
7:schools wouldnt have to worry about the religon problem
8:reduces fighting among religous parties
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