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adyleny pito

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Spermicide

By Adyleny & karla
what is it?
Spermicide is a birth control method that contains chemicals that stop sperm from moving. Spermicides are available in different forms, including creams, film, foams, gels, and suppositories.
If women use this method correctly, 15 out 100 will become pregnant each year.
If women do not use this method correctly,
29 out of 100 women will become pregnant.
How to use spermicide?
You will lie down or squat,
then gently insert the spermicide
into your private area
using your fingers or an applicator.
How to use spermicide?.. con't
The Pros of Spermicide
3 cons
if not used correctly as directed , spermicides may not form a good barrier over the cervix. makes the spermicide less effective
its messy and after use some women leak from their area
spermicide may irritate the private areas of both men and female
-It does not affect a woman's natural hormones.
-It does not require a prescription.
-It can be used during breastfeeding
side effects
it may irritate the private areas of male or female
does it protect against std's
It doesn't protect against std alone. You must use a condom to have full protection against std's
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