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The Cambridge Trainee-ship

No description

Library Trainee

on 18 July 2014

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Transcript of The Cambridge Trainee-ship

On board the Cambridge Trainee-ship

lib@cam conference 2014
Continuity and change
accumulated knowledge - constantly adding to trainee 'manual', giving advice, tips and best practice.
Each new trainee brings a fresh eye, new ideas and new skills.
Trainee role remains a constant but evolves and improves on a yearly basis.
Driving quality forward, never stagnates.
Past experience
Recent experience as students - have been library users and employees simultaneously
All had jobs in retail and customer service roles - transferable skills and competencies
Experience in a variety of sectors - from special collections to legal libraries
Looking back
on past experience in order to
look forward
and use in current role
Thank you for listening!
"Re-learning the ropes"

Librarians teaching trainees the ropes prompts constant reappraisal of core practices
Trainees as teachers - information literacy and transfer of knowledge to students deepens understanding for both parties
Libraries have no choice but to keep ahead of the game - e.g. with RDA.

Promotion and networking

Trainees act as figureheads - promoting the profession and challenging preconceptions
Communication between Cambridge libraries and with libraries further afield
Promoting the quality of our traineeships through CaTaLOG

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