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Hult BBA - presentation 2014

In-depth presentation about Hult's Bachelor of Business Administration program. To be used for school visit presentations, partners training, ...

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Hult BBA - presentation 2014

The World's Most International Business School
Unique International Exposure

Split your studies between San Francisco & London

Discover new cultures—study tours to Dubai, Shanghai, or Miami

Experience global business first-hand

Extend your network

The Hult Bachelor Degree Program
U.S.-accredited degree program in San Francisco & London
Hands-on business education
Strong foundation in international business and develops your soft skills
Study tours to Dubai, Shanghai, or Miami

Hult International Business School
Bachelor of Business Administration

Master of International Business

Master of Finance

Master of International Marketing

Master of Social Entrepreneurship

One-Year MBA

Executive MBA

The Hult Prize

USD1 million to change the world

In partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative

World’s largest crowdsourcing platform for social good

Diverse Student Body

140 different nationalities

105 languages spoken

Diverse range backgrounds

Faculty Spotlight

As a seasoned CEO, accomplished entrepreneur and executive coach, Dr. Kastner balances his time among activities that he loves, including teaching in at least six countries and nine universities, interaction with students around the world, and management consulting.

George Kasnter, Professor of Operations
PhD, MSc and BSc, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Where North and South America meet

The ‘Capital of Latin America’

A multilingual, multicultural metropolis


At the forefront of Asian growth

People’s Square campus in the heart of the city

Award-winning architectural design and state-of-
the-art classroom facilities



The world’s most international city

Global economic hub

Walking distance from the City; London’s financial center

Over 65 corporate guest speakers on campus in 2012

Unique international experience
Home campuses
in San Francisco and London,
Study tours
to Dubai, Shanghai, and Miami
Students from over 140 different countries
Top 10 in International Business (Financial Times, 2013)

Why Hult?

Hult Impact Challenge


East meets West

Gateway to the Middle East

High-tech new campus in Internet City (DIC)

Home to top companies such as Google, Yahoo, and HP

Study Tours

Join a study tour in spring or summer terms

Study with your classmates and professors for
six weeks in Dubai, Shanghai, or Miami

Discover more here

The world’s most international business school

Be Inspired

Over 190 corporate guest speakers
on campuses in 2012

Five visionary speakers share their visions
with students

Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, recently addressed growth and sustainable development in London (January 2014)

Outstanding academic credentials

Real-life experience

Use their experiences to illustrate theories

More about our distinguished faculty

World-Class Faculty


Choose Your Concentrations

Our curriculum is designed to give you a strong foundation in international business. Personalize your degree further with a concentration in....

for diversity of industries recruiting graduates
(The Economist, 2013)

Top-Ranked Business School

in the world (Financial Times, 2013)

in 5 international categories
(Financial Times, 2013)

for international exchange opportunities 
(The Economist, 2013)

San Francisco

Epicenter of the high-tech world

Campus buzzing with innovation

Central location on Levi’s Plaza

Entrepreneurial spirit




Putting theory into practice
Put your skills to the test
Year 3: Social Challenge
Year 4: Corporate Challenge
Compete to be crowned the global winner

" I have a great social life in London and lots of friends. I plan to take advantage of the Global Campus Rotation. San Francisco and Shanghai are the two cities that appeal to me most. Shanghai for its hustle and bustle, and since it's in one of the fastest growing economies in the world it would be great to see it with my own eyes.

I have also developed public speaking and organizational skills, as I am President of Hult Finance Club. We have to organize the logistics for events, which is a major task considering that we are the biggest club on campus and out of all the Hult campuses worldwide"
- Ralph Hage, Class of 2014
@ matthieu.poupard@hult.edu
+44(0)7 852 51 36 51
Undergraduate Campus
Undergraduate Study Tour
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