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Kelsey Schultz Caitlin Martin Brianna Bluette Jonae Williams

kelsey schultz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Hydro-Power

Double click anywhere & add an idea HYDROPOWER
Salt water/ tidal energy Kelsey Schultz
Caitlin Martin
Brianna Bluette
Jonae Williams Hydropower is Americ'a leading renewable energy resource. Of all renewable power sources, it's the most reliable, efficient, and economical Advantages: It is a clean and safe source of energy
They are self sustaining
They create habitat for more types of fish
They can act as a flood control
They are the most effcient energy source running from 90-95% efficiency Disadvantages: Accelerated shoreline erosion
Heavy metal accumulation due to lack of tidal flushing
Mortality of marine animals like fish
Disturbed intertidal and benthic habitats
Changing the basin's period of oscillation and bringing it closer tidal resonance
A reservoir and operation of the dam can also change the natural water temperatures, chemistry, flow characteristics, and silt loads, all of which can lead to significant changes in the ecology and geomorphology of the river downstream.
Hydropower dams may have very large amounts of concrete and steel, which require large amounts of energy to manufacture. http://library.thinkquest.org/17531/hydro.html#advant Sources: Whose using it :
World leaders everywhere are pushing for new technology to create power plants that will use different resources to keep the earth greener.
President Obama has declared that his administration will for the first time lease federal waters for projects to generate electricity from wind as well as from ocean currents and other renewable sources.
Her Royal Highness, The Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway has just made a huge step as a leader in this movement as she has announced the opening of the world’s first osmotic power plant.
Cost and Saving:
The cost of setting up a tidal power station can be very high, although once in place the operating costs are low. As an example of the cost of setting up, a proposed 8000 MW tidal power plant and barrage system on the Severn Estuary in the UK has been estimated to cost US$15 billion, while another in the San Bernadino strait which would produce 2,200 MW as a tidal fence in the Philippines will cost an estimated US$3 billion. (Source: Australian Institute of Energy)

Could we use this in Bowlinggreen:
No we couldn't because there is not any major sources of water. Could we do this at BGHS:
No we could not.
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