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Opening Of School

Teacher Introduction

Soraiya Ali

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of Opening Of School

To English and Composition
9th Year as a PCHS Teacher
Taught for 7 years in Miami, Florida
Taught 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, Honors and AP
3 Children (Ages 18, 13 and 10)
I LOVE to Read!!!!!!
Ms. Ali
“It is good to have an end to journey toward;
but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ernest Hemingway
Life is a Journey!!
Be Ready
Have your textbook (when applicable)
Organize your Notebook
Keep all Assignments and Handouts
Be Prepared with all Class Supplies
Do Not have your head down on the Desk
Be Respectful
Do Not talk when the teacher or another student is talking
Respect the Personal Space of Others
No Name Calling or Mean Comments
No Eye Rolling or Rude Attitudes
Raise your hand if you have something to say
Be Responsible
Arrive to Class on Time
Complete Assignments on Time
Always come to Class Prepared
Keep Track of your Grades
Be Aware of School Rules and Policies
Eating food in the classroom is not allowed. Drinks are allowed in closed containers only.

Bags and purses are not allowed on the student’s lap or desk.

Grooming in the classroom is not allowed.
The TEACHER dismisses the class, not the bell. (Everyone must be seated and silent for this to happen!!)
If you are sick or you are having a personal problem that may affect your performance in class, you will need to speak to me before class to resolve the problem or issue at hand.
Communication is Key
Class Procedures

Entering Class – (done BEFORE the bell rings)
Turn in any homework due
Take out class folder
Be seated and begin any work on board

During Lecture/Notes –
Do NOT talk when Ms. Ali is talking
Pay attention and write down important information
Do NOT leave seat to sharpen pencil, throw away trash…etc. when Ms. Ali is talking

During Work/Group Time –
Stay on task
Complete all assignments
Work with your assigned peers/group ONLY

Restroom Breaks –
Cannot be taken during lecture/notes time
Cannot be taken first or last 15 minutes of class

Fire Drills and Hall, Media Center, Computer Lab Visits –
Walk quietly with minimal talking
Go straight to the assigned location
Do NOT detour or stop at other class windows or at vending machines

Leaving Class –
Make sure your desk and area around the desk are clean
Stay seated until dismissed
Class Rules

Are you Proactive or Reactive?
Principal: Dr. McMahon
Ninth Administrator: Mr. Wolski
Ninth Counselor: Ms. West
Media Specialist: Ms. Church
Media Clerk: Ms. Turner
VIP List
Any Questions??
Thoughts To Ponder
Meeting Governor
Nathan Deal
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