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Ch. 6.1: The Early Years

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Michael Stroh

on 24 March 2017

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Transcript of Ch. 6.1: The Early Years

"The Turning Point"
"Crossing the Delaware"
"A few days ago, the Americans had given up the cause for lost. Their late successes have turned the scale and now they are all liberty-mad again"
Trenton and Princeton
The Battle of Saratoga, 1777
On Christmas Eve 1776, George Washington's army captures 1,000 German Mercenaries
Great Britain vs. The United States
The Opposing Sides
The British Take New York
The British sent 32,000 soldiers to capture New York,
Ch. 6.1: The Early Years of the American Revolution
Do Now:
Turn in assignments from last week:
-Declaration of Independence Translation
-Declaration of Independence Graphic Organizers
-Declaration of Independence Continuity and Change Questions
Today's Learning Target:
What challenges did Americans face at the start of the war (The American Revolution)?

-world's strongest Navy
-a well trained army
-wealth of a worldwide empire
-3 times the population of the USA
-fighting on own ground
-had a reason to fight: Freedom
The Armies
The Americans relied on their militias and minutemen to fight. They only enlisted for 1 year
The British had thousands of well-trained Redcoats plus 30,000
a soldier hired to fight
Advantages for both sides:
George Washington's 20,000 are beat and flee to Pennsylvania
The Victories at Trenton and Princeton encourage more troops to join G.W.
British try to cut off New England from the rest of the colonies.
Americans surround and capture a large British army at the Battle of Saratoga

What challenges did Americans face at the start of the war?
Hint: you can take British advantages and switch them around for an American disadvantage!
-A Navy
-well trained soldiers
-$ to fight the war (payment for soldiers, guns, ammunition, food, etc.)
-a large population
The Americans also lost New York City in the very beginning of the war
Also: Have notes ready:
"Ch. 6.1: The Early Years of the American Revolution"

Learning Target:
What challenges did Americans face at the start of the war (The American Revolution)?
Do Not Write This:
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