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EHL Start Up Kit

No description

Faris Abutaah

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of EHL Start Up Kit

EHL Start-Up Kit
What is E.H.L?
Interested? How to Start an EHL Chapter?

around campus
Network and Make Partnerships
with other student orgs
Unity Through Diversity
Just imagine , a group of individuals working together under a common goal. We serve to change. Join our force, enrich your community and yourself. We are Emerging Healthcare Leaders, let us lead the way to a future that will be the change the world had waited for.
Emerging Healthcare Leaders (EHL)
We are a unique student organization
geared towards all pre-health students
and originated at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2010.
Our mission is to
unify young, motivated students
who seek to enter any and all fields of healthcare and work towards enhancing the quality of life for the underserved community

Mission Statement
In the past we have
provided volunteer opportunities, healthcare panels, mentorships
with respected healthcare graduate students, a ton of fun charity events, and much more for our members!
National Expansion
After witnessing such great success for EHL VCU, we've decided to expand our club, hoping to begin EHL chapters all over the nation with our mission goals for the future healthcare leaders of tomorrow.
Brief Look into What we have done
Healthcare Journey
Serving the Community
Neighborhood Clean-Up
Annual panel discussion for students and their questions with the deans of Medicine, Pharmacy, Allied health, Dentistry, and other respected Graduate schools.
1. Gather up interested people to serve as board members
It only takes a few people to start things up!

3. GBM
Host your first
General Body Meeting!

Present to interested members your plan for the year and how EHL is right for them! We'll even help with creating the presentation!!
The Possibilities are Infinite
Join Our Family!
Contact us for more information:

To unify all healthcare professions under common monthly themes with the pillars of professionalism, service, and leadership
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