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Greetings and Classroom Instructions - ENGLISH

5th Grade

Eduardo Ferreira Olavarría

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Greetings and Classroom Instructions - ENGLISH

Summary Team 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Greetings It's so important to say hello and speak
with the people who share with you every
day in the school. You can know about them,
If they're feeling good, If they have
a problem or something like this.

This is a habit of the well mannered
children. Are you well mannered? Classroom Instructions There are words that the teacher and
students often use to give and follow
instructions and orders in the classroom.

This instructions let us to do or don't do
some actions, like:

BE QUIET! Sit down Hello, Good Morning We'll be able to... - Listen to and Understand
greetings and Classroom

- Give and follow commands. The Hello Song HAVE A GREAT DAY PIP IV
Univ. San Sebastián
Pedagogía Básica en Inglés

Made by
Eduardo Ferreira Olavarría What did we learn today? Sara's Story Sara got to her school at 08:00 in the
morning. She said "hello" to Peter, her
classmate and to Mrs. Wood, her teacher.

Sara is a good student and She's very
kind and educated.

GO AGAIN TO THE ENGLISH WORKSHEET ---> In the morning... When I arrive at school in the
morning I greet to my classmates
and my teacher say... Greetings and
Classroom Instructions English Worksheet Listen the song and complete the line in your book with the correct words. Good Morning! How __________?
It's so nice to have you here with me _________.

Good Morning! _____ are you?
Howdy, how do you do, hello, good day!

Now that we're together, __________ so much fun,
The more of us the better, so come on ____________!

Good Morning! How are you?
Howdy, how do you do, ______, good day!
Howdy, how do you do, hello, ________ ______. Answer this questions in your book What do you do when you arrive to the classroom in the morning? Generally, What do you say to your classmates and your teacher when you start the class? _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Did you finish ? Classroom Instructions Look at the video and try to remember it.
Then, answer the questions. Wich of this CLASSROOM INSTRUCTIONS were in the video? Write the words in your book. - Pick up
- Open your books
- What is your name?
- Sit down
- Come on
- Stand up
- Check out your book
- Take out your book
- Look at your books
- Listen to me
- Turn off the light
- Turn on the tv
- Come here
- May I go to the toilet?
- I don't have a pencil
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