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Capital management decisions

David Pavlak

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Netflix

Salaried Employees financial data
6 rentals per month = BE $795,000
$896,538 $994,231 $648,000
*2008 Salary figures
competitors redbox Business operations Business partners
apple iPad
blu-ray players from samsung, LG and insignia
internet TVs from LG, Siony and VIZIO
walmart entered the industry in 2002, but withdrew in 2005,
referring all customers to netflix Salaried employees are allowed to choose their own compensation
They can be paid in a combination of stock options and cash changing market demand for digital movie copies
is decreasing physical DVD demand. Netflix is positioning to take advantage of this changing preference by offering an increasing number of movies available for streaming online unlimited movies starting at 8.99/month
no late fees
streaming from the internet
free postage
(netflix has $300,000,000 annual postal expense)
Los Gatos, CA similar service apple TV $1 movie rentals 56 distribution centers
housing 46 million DVD's
Most facilities utilize automatic sorting
Some are hand sorted, with a standard of 660 dvd's/minute Capitalizing on technology
and trends created an app for apple iPad
streaming video to xbox360, PS3, and Wii
Board of Directors *2008 salary Each also received = or greater value in stock options currently, 12 million members How can Netflix make a profit
with some members paying as little
as $8.99/month?

Its a numbers game, taking advantage
of customers renting fewer than 6 DVD's/month
any more = losing $$ Netflix has:
strong presence in the movie rental market
flexible employee packages and awesome compensation
permormance rewards for hard work
sustainable growth from current strategy
efficient sorting and distribution for 1 day movie delivery
free subscription for employees!
Great company to work for
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