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Mennah Bennis

on 14 October 2012

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Transcript of IS

Chapter 2 Case study 1

Team Members:
Abderahman Hussien
Mennat-Allah Hesham
Fatima Fawzi
Youssef Sabry
Mostafa Ali Introduction Bill Fence Andy Dover History Skills 1998 and webmasters Career at Quantum Bank Skills Degree Quantum Bank The Quantum Bank has a website that was launched in 1999. Later the Bank decided to add additional features to the website. This includes:
Online bill payment service.
Applying for credit cards and loans online.
Open accounts online
Manage their investment portfolios online. Mrs Stacey discusses the assigned task with her consultant assistant to select the suitable candidates. Vice president of Information system Stacey Thomas charged with overseeing the project. Her task was to find a Project Manger suitable for the project. Characteristics 4-Problem Solver:
when there is an unexpected problem he tries to minimize the risk , within budget. 2- Organization Skills: ability to deliver tasks on time and within budget. A decision maker
A planner
A leader 3- Communication Skills: PM establishes a communication link between technical teams and business mangers. Also deliver reports to responsible heads. Who is a PM?
1- Interpersonal Skills: ability to work with team members. Technical Skills Programming Skills Working Skills Graduated form Civil Engineer Got MBA degree from large university Joined the bank in 1995 first year worked in various departments First Task Finishes task on time Excited about a new idea Analysis any problem Good planner Has good communication skills and always kept other team members updated of his work. Has little knowledge about programming languages, hardware computer and basic idea of how the internet works. Chapter Questions! Question 2 Question 3 In a functional organization, a project team is staffed with people from the same department. All the resources needed for the project team come from the functional organization. For instance, if the project is related to the finance function, the project resources come from the Finance Division. If you need IT, finance and legal resources, they would all be available from within the Finance Division.
The biggest advantage of functionally-based projects is that there is usually clear authority, since the project managers tend to also be the functional managers. You also do not need to negotiate with other organizations for resources, since all of the staff needed for your project will come from the same functional organization. Other advantages of this organization are that the team members are usually familiar with each other, since they all work in the same area. The team members also tend to bring applicable business knowledge of the project.
A major disadvantage of the functional organization is that your functional area may not have all of the specialists needed to work on a project. A Finance project with an IT component, Another disadvantage is that project team members may have other responsibilities in the functional organization since they may not be needed full-time on a project. They may be assigned to other projects, but it is more typical that they would have support responsibilities that could impact their ability to meet project deadlines. How you recommend this project to be organized? Functional Project? Pure Project? Matrix? Why? Do you agree with Ms. Thomas that the project should be staffed internally? What are the major advantages of staffing the project with Quantum employees? Are there any advantages of utilizing the service of an outside consulting firm? Yes we agree with Ms. Thomas for the following reasons.
The advantages of internal recruitment are that:
1. Considerable savings can be made. Individuals with inside knowledge of how a business operates will need shorter periods of training and time for fitting in.
2. The organization is unlikely to be greatly disrupted by someone who is used to working with others in the organization.
3. Internal promotion acts as an incentive to all staff to work harder within the organization.
4. From the firm's point of view, the strengths and weaknesses of an insider will have been assessed. There is always a risk attached to employing an outsider who may only be a success on paper.

Advantages of utilizing the services of an outside consulting firm:
1- Fresh perspective: Customer service consultants bring a fresh pair of eyes to the process.
2-Standardization. Consultants are better equipped to standardize your customer processes because they have more experience with efficient systems and can present change more effectively than your in-house management resources. Any Questions?? Big and.... ... small Who is the PM? Chosen for his best match qualification of a project manger is Andy Dover.
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