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Winston's Adventures at SXSW 2016

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Puffingston Presentations

on 20 April 2016

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Transcript of Winston's Adventures at SXSW 2016

The Festival
Austin during SXSW can be beautiful and crazy at the same time!
President Obama
It’s not too often a sitting U.S. President has a keynote in Austin!
Startup Crawl
Austin’s startup scene is alive and well! Winston spent an evening learning about new startups, visiting their businesses and having fun with entrepreneurs!
Hatch Pitch
The Hatch Pitch competition at SXSW was a chance for startups in the digital health, connected world and mobility industry segments to present their companies to the world.
It was great to meet all of the finalists.
Ready, set, pitch!!
Pop Up Play
Even work at SXSW is fun! austin startup PopUp play won the "entertainment and content" accelerator event - backed by a puffingston prezi!
Dolphin Tank
At the intersection of fashion, technology and innovation, the Dolphin Tank was a great panel discussion and presentation event! No other fish though, unfortunately. Winston would’ve liked to have seen a dolphin, but had fun anyway!
Mashable House
Hot Pepper Pitch
The Hot Pepper Pitch was the most creative and memorable way to see entrepreneurs pitch their companies. If 2 minutes isn’t long enough for a pitch, try eating a habanero first!
Pro-tip: Don’t rub your eyes!
we enjoyed connecting with Peter Komornik of sli.do to discuss injecting audience interaction into presentations through the sli.do platform!
Stopped in to the Mashable house for some free food and good vibes!
Winston's Adventures at sxsw 2016
check out all of our sxsw prezis!
Full article here: https://t.co/eIg4nMWJiQ
Luke - Puffingston
peter - sli.do
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