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Welcome To Neptune: Travel Brochure

Mr.McCusker Science 7th Grade GT

Sydney Marsh

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Welcome To Neptune: Travel Brochure

Bringing Sunglasses! 19 More Places
To Visit! 'Round And 'Round
We Go! Quite A
Distinguished Planet But Wait, There's More! Come on down to Neptune we got plenty of room with a diameter of 49244 km! It's almost 4 times the size of Earth, so remember to bring your road map!

You might want to bring a coat too, since surface temperatures are about -235 degrees Celsius! One thing you won't need here is sunglasses, because at almost 4.5 billion kilometers from the sun, we barely get heat from it let alone light or UV radiation! With tourist attractions like 13 moons and 6 icy rings, you are in for one BIG roadtrip! ( 13+6= 19! )

You may want to wear a gas mask while exploring the planet its self though, due to the fact that the atmosphere is comprised of hydrogen, helium, and methane gas among other things, transitioning into water and melted ices until you reach the solid earth sized core! Neptune's period of revolution is 165 Earth years, and one rotation is about 0.671 Earth days, so your calendar from the fridge at home won't do you much good here! When sight seeing on Neptune, you may want to look out for cool distinguishing features like dark storm spots, extremely high winds, and its trademark blue atmosphere! Surface
Features?! Though Neptune is a GAS PLANET, and doesn't have any surface in the first place, it doesn't really have real surface features, but, it does have huge dark spots from storms that come and go with time. You may be wondering why we chose Neptune as the location for your awesome vacation spot, so here's the plain truth: it's a very interesting planet! For instance, its one of only 2 blue planet in the solar system (other than Earth). In addition, its a gas planet, and my partner and I find the prospect of visiting a planet so unlike the terrestrial one we live on intriguing, and thought that you would too! That's why we chose Neptune! This Brochure Is Brought To You By Sylvie Lass and Sydney Marsh Of The McCusker GT 7 Period 4A Travel Agency, Founded On June 7, 2013
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