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Stress Management for College Students

Group Presentation

Jordan Lenhart

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Stress Management for College Students

Symptoms of stress 50-80% of diseases are stress related
Lack of Energy
Poor concentration
withdrawal from friends
Peptic Ulcers Goals of the Group To feel supported!
Time Management
Learn skills to cope and achieve
Build Confidence
Organization skills
Self talk
Relaxation exercises
Learn the affects of stress How often does stress occur in college students? Group Agenda Week 1: Introduction/Defining Stress

Week 2&3: Coping Skills

Week 4: Lifestyle and Health

Week 5: Time Management

Week 6: Reflection & Keeping Good Habits Week One
Defining Stress/Introductions Time Management Stress Management for College Students Coping Skills 1. Breathing/Muscle Relaxation
2. Relaxation
3. Self Talk
4. Visualization
5. Mind and Body & Body Connection Lifestyle & Health List Making
Goal Setting
Set Priorities Reflection/Keeping Good Habits Were the goals achieved?
What was most meaningful?
Goodbyes 1/10 College students reported that they feel stressed often.
1/5 say they feel stressed most of the time.
1/4 students experienced daily stress.
1/10 students had thoughts of suicide. Practical Considerations: 8-10 people in group
Location: MPC 101
Closed Group
1 hr/per week
6 Weeks
Flyers/Posters at School
Counseling Center
Email Teachers
School Bulletin
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