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G324 Advanced production Evaluation

An evaluation on our documentary "generation alcohol"

sammy ryder

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of G324 Advanced production Evaluation

G324 Advanced production Evaluation 1.  In what ways does your media product USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGE forms and conventions of existing media products?
Idents are typical conventions of documentaries as well as other programmes as it makes the audience aware of the brand in which a programme is being promoted by.
We used an ident at the start of our documentary so that our audience was aware of the channel 4 brand that our documentary is being broadcast on..
Existing Media product
Our Media product
Different channel
We thought Channel 4 would be the ideal channel to broadcast our documentary as it is already known for showing programmes aimed at teens such as shameless and skins which also target our core demographic Whilst looking at similar media products we saw that a typical convention of a documentary was to make it observational on of the key categories of a documentary. Most documentaries start this way with an extreme long shot to set the mise en scene and to instantly highlight certain arguments . This is what we wanted to achieve and although the presenter is not present we used a voice over like similar documentaries to guide the audience through the narrative by exposing the problems and arguments that our documentary will highlight and discuss throughout. We wanted to use this technique and create a fly on the wall effect by filming a number of local shops to highlight one argument about alcohol prices
On screen presenter? After looking at existing media products and documentaries we thought that an on screen presenter was more effective at guiding the narrative and giving a more dominant presence that may represent the audiences ideologies. As our audience is 16+ and I the presenter am 18 years old the audience can relate more to the documentary and my ideologies therefore allowing me to represent the audience giving them a voice. One of our opening shots
to highlight cheap alcohol
prices Mise en scene is also important in a documentary and can highlight certain issues. We chose to introduce our presenter in a park which is subject to under age drinking as our first argument highlights how alcohol is easily accessible to underage drinkers.
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