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Escaping the Giant Wave

No description

Sarah McVay

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Escaping the Giant Wave

Escaping The Giant Wave
In Escaping The Giant wave a family from Kansas wins a trip with their business to go to an Oregon beach for a few nights. Thirteen year old Kyle was staying at an old hotel babysitting his little sister Bebe while his their parents went on a short cruise when disaster struck
The setting of this book takes place at the beach of Oregon. This is important to the story line because a beach on the pacific coast is very prone to earthquakes and tsunami's and makes the setting more dramatic because it is away from their home in Kansas.
Escaping the Giant Wave
Written By: Peg Keheret
: The story is from his point of view. He is the main character of the story, he was with his little sister when the storm arrived and had to outwit the storm to save her. He was a very brave,courageous, and responsible boy in the book when the tsunami hit.
Realistic fiction
This book is more of realistic fiction because the events in the book could potentially happen. Though they never actually have.One event being the Tsunami that could happen but the story like with the characters did not happen.
Created by: Sarah McVay
: Bebe is Kyles little sister and is also around when the storm arrives, she and Kyle are on their own much of the story trying to outwit the storm. She was very fearless and kind towards everyone and everything during the tsunami.
I rated Escaping The Giant Wave a 9/10 because the amazing and thrilling plot was really intriguing to me, the only reason I did not rate it a 10/10 was because I wish it had gone more into detail.
The First thing to go wrong was an earthquake, It shook the building with Kyle and Bebe alone in it. Then the fire started Kyle and Bebe ran to get out, then they saw their neighborhood bully, Darren passed out on the floor they desperately pulled him out of the burning building. When they get outside Kyle remembers the warning signs for a tsunamis, to go to higher ground, only Kyle and Bebe move up the hill while Darren refuses and goes towards the water!
On their way up the hill Kyle and Bebe meet Josie,Norm and their little dog Pansy. Their kindness and generosity helped get the kids to safety. Unfortunately Josie could not make it. At the top the tsunami came but they hid behind a tree and were able to survive. After the water went back the kids climbed down the hill and found Darren who had gotten away at the last minute, Kyle finally stood up to Darren so he and Bebe never would never be bullied again. Then they were reunited with their parents and go home
The Main conflict of the story is what to do about the Tsunami. It is all about how to get away and to safety. How to make the right decisions when it comes to how to survive. This effects the characters because it makes them stronger and braver during the tsunami
I think the theme of this book is that no matter what happens never give up, and to keep trying. I think this is the theme because during the tsunami they never gave up. Also when Darren was bullying Kyle, he stood up to him and never gave up trying not to be bullied
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