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Advanced Democracies

No description

David Faris

on 7 October 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Democracies

Issues in Advanced Democracies
"Advanced" democracies
Reliant on service industries
rather than manufacturing
Heavily urbanized
Relatively wealthy
shift to "information economy"
product of labor transfers to
developing world
High percentage of college grads,
falling manufacturing jobs
Prevalence of "self-expression"
values over traditional values
As wealthier citizens from smaller
families live longer, they place an
increasing burden on smaller
working age populations
Immigrant populations faced with
choices about how to integrate. Publics often
oppose extension of social insurance to immigrants.
Federal Republic
Chancellor (aka Prime Minister)
elected via lower house of parliament
Electoral system combines PR
with SMD systems
Ceremonial president
More power resides with
Chancellor and cabinet
Upper House: the Bundesrat
(representatives from the German states)
Social welfare
Much of politics involves
struggles over the balance
between freedom and equality as manifested in tax and social welfare policies
Rise of Post-Material Values
The environment
Gender Equality
Slow food, No Logo,
Down with Starbucks!
Post-Material Values
expressed in political
The Berlin skyline
Joachim Gauch
German Chancellor
Angela Merkel
Advanced democracies
are countries with institutional democracy and a high level of economic development and prosperity (GDP at PPP over $8000 and in the top third on the Human Development Index)" - Patrick O'Neil
The Logan Square Farmer's Market
Unitary/Federal states
Number of Americans aged 65 and
over expected to double by 2030
(You have a one-in-two chance of getting
Alzheimers after age 85)
With most individuals working full-time
in post-industrial economies, who will
care for the elderly?
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