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2014 PNE Prize Home - Builder Event

A presentation by BC Hydro and Ecolighten on the 2014 PNE Prize Home including innovative technologies, integrated design process, benefits to builders and homeowners and general outline of BC Hydro Power Smart New Home program.

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Transcript of 2014 PNE Prize Home - Builder Event

Professionally Designed

Builder Event
Prepared by:
BC Hydro & Ecolighten Energy Solutions
Tuesday, July 22, 2014
(BC Hydro & FortisBC)
1. Project Background & Objectives
5. Conclusion & Tour of the 2014 PNE Show Home
4. Builder & Homeowner Benefits
3. Design Process
2. Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
Original 1934 PNE Prize Home
Valued at $5,000 and boasted some great features, notably a modern electric stove!
Existing building process is missing a link without energy and mechanical HVAC considerations being addressed upfront.

Better design helps to avoid construction surprises and bridge aesthetic and functionality considerations to minimize disruption.

Comprehensive project planning between BC Hydro, Britco and Ecolighten supported disciplined delivery and collaboration to optimize the mechanical solutions and integration into the structure.
Whether caused by lack of planning, budget overruns

or poor installation many new home construction or major renovation projects have resulted in disappointment and headaches for the Builder, Architects and most importantly homeowner.
Identified project imperatives with BC Hydro and Britico upfront.

Topics include: Fuel Source & Systems, Budget, Comfort & Health, Green Building and others.
Showcase a better integrated design process that supports the construction of an energy-efficient, healthy and comfortable home.
Support the selection of equipment / innovative technologies and ensure suitable application and quality installation.
Achieve an EnerGuide for New Houses score of 80 or more.
Works in partnership with FortisBC

Encourages builders and developers in B.C. to build to higher energy efficiency standards

Provides financial incentives to help off-set costs

Promotes energy-efficient building practices

Current offers to end in December 2014. New incentives and requirements are coming in early 2015.
BC Hydro, Britco and Ecolighten collaboration to address energy and functionality components on the 2014 PNE Prize Home and deliver a Power Smart New Home designation.

Project builds on 2013 PNE Prize Home which received an EnerGuide for Houses rating and achieved tighter construction - 2.57ACH @ 50 Pa.
There are a number of building envelope and mechanical HVAC options available for builders and homeowners to optimize home performance but information is often conflicting and misleading.

Upfront energy and mechanical consultancy on 2014 PNE Prize Home provided an informed decision base and clarity about appropriate options and technologies that were best suited the project.
Mitsubishi Electric donated the City Multi™ heat pump with variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology.

Higher operating HSPF efficiency than a conventional heat pump. Listed COP is 3.7, SEER is 16.5 and EER is 11.3.

Inverter-driven compressor technology varies its speed to maintain the desired comfort levels.

Offers more design flexibility. A single outdoor unit can be connected to multiple ducted or non-ducted / standalone evaporator indoor units.
Mitsubishi donated the RenewAire Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) system – Model EV130.

The ERV recovers heat (similar to the HRV); however, it also recovers the energy trapped in humidity, which improves the overall recovery efficiency.

The ERV keeps the home supplied with a steady flow of fresh outdoor air.

Britco selected Canadian manufacturer Gienow Windows & Doors to provide the windows.

Windows are Energy Star® rated with vinyl framing, argon-gas filled and low-emissivity (low-E) coating.

Overall U-value is 0.29 which is a better performance factor than code built windows at a U-value of 0.34.

Air-tightness goal of 2.5 ACH at 50 Pa.
ENERGY STAR® appliance package including refrigerator, dishwasher and clothes washer.

Combination of compact fluorescent lighting (CFLs) and light emitting diodes (LEDs).
Performed detailed room-by-room heat/cool load calculations.

Energy modeling and cost/benefit analysis to support system recommendations
2-Line HVAC mechanical design of heat pump and ERV layout to optimize system performance and installation.
Bid tender package with equipment schedules and written "best practice" installation standards.
2014 PNE Show Home has multi-levels of performance verification including EGH testing and visual /empirical testing and system commissioning.
Make Money:
Increased profits through better planning and potential higher selling price for individual units.

Control Costs:
Reduced change work orders and competitive quotations from HVAC trades.

Save Time:
Upfront planning and comprehensive process means less disruption on site and better coordination of trades.

Ease Or Simplicity:
Better designed and fully integrated plans help support seamless transition to construction phase.
Save Money & Energy:
Energy-efficiency technologies and energy conservation measures reduce energy bills and support sustainability.

Improved Comfort & Air Quality:
Proper equipment selection, sizing and mechanical design supports improved distribution of heating, cooling, and fresh air.

Reduced Maintenance:
Improper mechanical equipment sizing and layout can lead to moisture problems and short-cycling, which leads to inefficient system operation and shorter equipment lifespans.

Durability & Resale Value:
Better construction materials and installation practices creates home durability and means less work and expense to maintain the home properly.
Thank You.
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