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No description

angeline rosas

on 2 November 2016

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Company Logo
By: Angeline Rosas & Kristel Duran
Clara's Powers:
Pedro Tercero Garcia
Garcia's Talents:
Esteban Trueba

Blanca's Talents:
Interprets dreams
Recognizes people's intentions
Talks to spirits
Location spells
Clara's Habits:

Ignores peoples presence
Doesn't get angry
Psychological disorders:
Selectve Mutism: A person who is capable of speech does not speak in specific situations
Post-Traumatic Disorder: Triggered by experiencing or seeing a terrifying event
Schizophrenia: Can hear voices in their heads, hallucinate, or have delusions
Esteban's Talents:

Management of Tres Marias
Esteban's Habits:
Anger issues
No control over reactions
obsesses over Clara
Psychological Disorders;
Bipolar Disorder: Mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs
Anti-Social Personality Disorder: Mental condition in which a person consistently shows no regard for right and wrong and ignores the feelings of others
Nightmare disorder Symptoms; Repeated awakenings from sleepingriods with detailed recall of extended frightening dreams
Ferula's Talents:
Good caretaker
Obsessed with Clara
Anger towards her brother
Hates her life
Extremely harsh with everyone but Clara
Psychological Disorders:

Obsession: Desperate behavior by people who are out of touch with reality in desperate need of affection
Blanca's Habits:
Romantic (naive)
In love with Pedro
Depressed when separated from Pedro
Stubborn (doesn't ask for $$)
Psychological Disorders:
Depressed: Feeling hopeless/pessimistic, loss of interest, empty feelings
Guitar player
Musical talent
Garcia's Habits:

Passion for politics
Thirst for 'equality'
Angry at society
In love with Blanca Trueba
Psychological Disorders:
Obsession: Repetitive behavior and routines as a source of enjoyment (Political)
Text Evidence
"Dreams were not the only thing that Clara read. She could also predict the future and recognize peoples intentions [...]" (76)
"'Go straight, I'll tell you the route,' she said, guided by her instincts for seeing what was invisible." (122)
"Clara was ten years old when she decided that speaking was pointless [...]" (73)
"Besides, I had come to understand that silence was [Clara's] last refuge [...]" (113)
"She was as distracted and as smiling in bed as she was in everything else; relaxed and simple, but absent." (129)
Text Evidence
"Ferula's comments increased Esteban's anxiety." (130)
"Esteban Trueba entered a very prosperous period. His business deals seemed to have been touched by a magic wand." (134)
"One night I dreamt I was beating [Rosa] the way I had Clara [...] I woke up screaming, but I was all alone" (203)
"At moments sadness swept over me, stronger than the fury I had been hatching all this time [...]" (204)
"Esteban Trueba was unable to restrain his evil character and he charged her with his horse, whip in the air, beating her merciless [...] then [he] understood that this was not the way to get something from his daughter." (199)
Text Evidence
"Ferula had come to love Clara with a jealous passion that resembled that of a demanding husband [...]" (126)
"I have a photograph of Ferula [...] you can still see how she looked [...] a bitter smile on her face that revealed her inner tragedy." (109)
"[Ferula] had come to adore the very air Clara exhaled [...] and found a thousand ways to express her tender feelings, and to this she dedicated her existence." (108)
"'I would like to have been born a man, so I could leave too,' she said, fullof hatred." (45)
Text Evidence
"To her the country was a romantic idea [...]" (103)
"The two ran to each other, hugging, kissing, laughing [...] and shouted with joy." (138)
"[Blanca] had a swollen face, eyes red from crying [...she] sighed when she was awake and sobbed while she slept, in an uninterrupted lament" (209)
"Blanca began to cry and continued to weep inconsolably in the days to come" (215)
"Mother and daughter wrote each other daily [...] thus Blanca was kept abreast [...] and could entertain the illusion that she was still with her family and that her marriage was only a bad dream." (218)
Text Evidence
"Blanca laughed at the story [...] but Pedro Tercero did not laugh. He spent the whole evening absorbed in thought, ruminating on the story of the fox and the hens [...]" (141)
"He was still much more of a child than she, but he already knew his place in this world." (146)
"During the months of separation, he had been toughened by the hard job of becoming a man [...]" (156)
"[Tercero helped] unwillingly, letting his father know that he was breaking his back to restore the patrons wealth while the rest of them would remain as poor as they had been before." (163)
"[Tercero was] taking advantage of the patrons injury, broke the grip of censorship and introduced into Tres Marias the forbidden pamphlets of the unionists, the teacher's political newspapers, and the strange biblical interpretations of the Spanish priest." (163-164)
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