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Marketing redes sociales

No description

Gibella Guevara

on 23 November 2016

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Transcript of Marketing redes sociales

Social Networks!
Digital Marketing
Social Networks
Web design
It is designed the Responsive Web or blog of your company on WordPress which is, in our opinion and many experts of the whole world.
Social networks are a response to the need for communication that we have. We can distinguish three types of them: aimed at the general public, professional and scientific. This article argues that the use of social networks is changing the meaning of the concept of "friend" and that the public image to be maintained in these networks must be taken into account. In general networks, personal and professional issues are intermingled, which is taken advantage of by some marketing companies. Web 2.0 can serve to advance science, which is fundamentally collaborative, but there is a serious drawback to its use as scientists prefer to communicate their advances in scientific journals

Social networks:
it is a social structure composed of a set of actors


a set of activities that try to organize communication and exchange between production and consumption.
Digital Marketing is the form of Marketing based on the use of digital media to develop direct, personal and interactive communications that provoke a reaction in the consumer.
Social networks are how modern brands connect with consumers, deliver value, and build lasting relationships. About 85% of all businesses are on these social platforms in one way or another
structure composed
related according

Best platform
Search engines
Many experts
Will make your website
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