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Classcraft: online learning role play

No description

Tristan Moon

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of Classcraft: online learning role play

Who created Classcraft?
Classcraft is an online role play game that is based off
of World of Warcraft, but is used for developing sportsmanship, teamwork, and is also used for learning.In this game, each student gets the ability to choose 1 of the 3 different roles that are important to the game.The 3 roles are:Mages, Warriors, and Healers.In order to play the game your teacher would need a laptop and a projector.
What is Classcraft?
In Classcraft, there's just surprises that can be beneficial or can just point blank SUCK! Sometimes, things like this can happen to anyone at anytime.When that happens, this is what is called a "Random Event".The creator of the game came up with over 100+ of these "Random Events".But, there's also what they call "Powers".These can be earned by "defeating" homework, and other stuff.And, you can use them for incentives like being able to eat in class, getting extra time, and being allowed to bring notes to an exam.But, the worst part of these "Powers" is that if one person in a group messes up, not only do they have to face what's called "Death", but everyone else in that group has to face the same consequence as the one who messed up.
What kinds of surprises can happen in Classcraft?
Classcraft: online learning role play
Classcraft was created by an 11th grade physics teacher at Quebec's Le Salésien High School who was pondering over the fact that even though we have all these electronics, teachers are still doing their jobs the old-fashioned way by using textbooks and stuff like that.When they could teaching using technology without students having to spend copious amounts of time doing challenging problems to earn incentives.So, he created Classcraft.
So, now that you know what Classcraft is all about, you might be able to pursuade your teacher to try this game out with your class so that he or she can discover that teaching can still be taught without having to do it the old-fashioned way.I mean, HEY!!!
Maybe you could learn something new, you never know.
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