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Donatas Petkauskas

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Competences? Professional youth worker Self-reflection Personal competences Communication Social, interpersonal competences Non-formal education Professional competences Various educational methods and their application Methodological competences First aid Specific competencies Constant learning Professional youth workers in intercultural context?? Learning to learn Organizational capacities Reliability Creativity Flexibility Critical thinking Emotional intelligence Psycho hygiene Cooperation with group/team Empathy Conflict management Working with diversity Other... "Today's" reality of young people Local, regional, national and international youth work context Legislation connected to youth work Forms and existing opportunities for youth work Roles of youth worker Ability to actualize "youth themes" Various approaches in youth work and their application Knowledge Skills Attitudes,
beliefs COMPETENCE Digital competence Public speaking Other... Knowledge about specific themes/areas Public relations Music, sport, art and other skills Other... Via self-analysis and self-reflection Via personal and team/group supervision Via conscious participation in
non-formal training activities Via feedback from colleagues Intercultural competence Awareness of one’s
own identity Reflected acceptance of
ambiguity and change I'm positive towards
other cultures I value diversity Necessary attitudes: Interpersonal competence Social courage Able to work in team, be and learn in a group Empathic Dealing constructively
with disagreements Being able to work with diversity in a group Able to create a educational relation
with individuals and groups Critically reflecting about and take distance from one’s own perceptions and stereotypical constructions of reality
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