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No description

Melisa Muldaka

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of t

Reasons why doughnuts are my favorite food
Deliciously sweet
Fills you up
Taste AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
You get addicted
The History Behind Doughnuts
Doughnuts were developed before world war one
Doughnuts have there one holiday its National Doughnut day
People use doughnuts during Christmas time, New Years, and birthdays
The story behind doughnuts is that early doughnuts were simply balls of cake fried in pork fat until golden brown, but later on, with experience, doughnuts formed into what they are today
Fun Facts
How Doughnuts are made
Sugar, flour,water, sprinkles (optional), milk, eggs, salt, butter, vanilla, yeast, glaze (optional)
The Origins of Doughnuts
They developed in the1800-1900 and began being produced in Southwestern United States.
Hanson Crockett Gregory invented the doughnut in June 22, 1847.
Best places to get doughnuts
The Doughnut Vault
Dunkin Doughnuts
Melisa's Favorite Food
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