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Social Media & The Fashion Industry

This prezi highlights the top social media platforms for fashion brands, platforms on the rise, innovative ways fashion brands are using social media, and best practices specifically for fashion brands using social media.

Erica Young

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of Social Media & The Fashion Industry

Introduction to
#SocialMedia & The #Fashion Industry

LIM College School of Graduate Studies


Presented by @EricaLynnYoung
1) Review popular social media platforms & platforms on the rise

2) Discuss how luxury & mass market brands are using social media to market their brands and engage with fans in an innovative way

3) Best practices for fashion brands using social media sites
Popular Social Media Platforms for Fashion Brands

Social Media Platforms to Watch
Google +

Fashion Brands,
Social Media, & Marketing Innovation

Nordstrom's Highlights Popular Items w/ Pinterest
Highlight the most re-pinned items in-store with the Pinterest logo
Create a digital touch point in-store with an i-pad displaying most pinned items
Create a digital touchpoint in-store with an i-pad displaying most pinned items
Gives customers reassurance regarding an item in-store & online

J. Crew Launches Fall Style Guide on Pinterest
Unveiled the fall catalog (70 images) on Pinterest before the catalog hit the mail
Turned a traditional mail catalog into a viral, digital marketing campaign

Oscar de la Renta Launches Fall Campaign on Instagram
Received press for a "fashion industry first, Oscar de la Renta has taken to Instagram to release its fall ad campaign, which typically debuts — for consumers, at least — in the pages of fashion titles like Vogue and Elle". - Mashable

Promoted the option to pre-order on their site to drive sales
J. Crew keeps a Fashion Week Diary on Tumblr
Diary included a countdown with blog posts and photos daily to build up hype for the shows and new collections
Increased engagment & furthered the consumers' relationship with the brand
Made people feel like fashion insiders

New Balance Relies on User Generated Content for New Product Launch
New Balance partnered with Heidi Klum for a new product line & wanted to create a viral campaign
Promoted the hashtag #HKNB on Instagram
Created a landing page for all of the photos to be highlighted along with news of the product launch
6,000 photos generated in 120 days & an increase in conversion of 36%
Nasty Gal's Instagram Click
Customers share their photos wearing Nasty Gal on Instagram with the hashtag #
Photos go to a Nasty Gal landing page that also promotes shopping
Photos of product that is in stock on NastyGal.com will go on the product descption page
Best photos go on the website homepage

DKNY uses Social as the New Press Release for London Store Opening
In the video above, DKNY mapped the social media buzz that travelled from all social media platforms including, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr. Thanks to the high-profile individuals making fake conversation about the fake event, mixed in with a little bit of fear of missing out, the campaign went viral in no time.

Bauble Bar & User Generated Content
Power to the People!
How Brands are using User Generated Content...
Shop the Hangout on Google+
First ever "shop the hangout" with DVF
Hangout with designers and popular bloggers
Learn about the new line straight fro the designer
Shop in real time
Ann Taylor Drives FB Engagement w/ Exclusives & Contests
Banana Republic Uses Photo Contest to Drive User Engagment
Best Practices for Fashion Brands
using Social Media

Pictures are Worth 1,000 Tweets, Likes, Pins...
Tailor Your Message & Content for Each Platform
Digital Storytelling
Tell your Brand's Story
Tell a story about your customer’s lifestyle (or the one they wish they had)
Party with Your Fans
Respond to fans on social media
Host contests
Start hashtags
Ask users to engage...
What is their opinion?
Then care about their response.
Incorporate user-generated content

Be Yourself
Behind the scenes
Fashion Week
The design/creative process

Bring Offline Online
Q & A
Thank you!
Popular Social Media Platforms
& Platforms on the Rise

Google +
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