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Ana Chavez

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Engineering

Aerospace Engineer
They designs, constructs, and test aircraft, missiles, satellites, rockets, and space crafts.
They earn about $104,801 an average in Virginia
Biochemical Engineer
They develop usable products, using their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, or Engineering and they solve problems
By: Ana Chavez
Hillary Aguilar

Chemical Engineer
They discover and manufacture better chemicals to use (plastic paint, fuels ect.).

They also protect the environment, invent cleaner technologies and study the use of chemicals on the environment.
They earn an average of
$119,698.54 in Virginia
Electrical Engineer
They research, design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing and instillation of electrical
equipment for the use of commercial, industrial,
military or scientific use.
In Virginia, they earn an average of $91,415.
Fuel Cell Engineer
They design, evaluate, modify, or construct fuel cell components (systems) for transportation.
An average of $90.645.10 is
what they earn in Virginia.
Jet Engine
Dr. Hans von Ohain and Sir Frank Whittle are both co-inventors of the jet engine
The jet engine impacted the world in good ways
Some of the benefits of the jet engine are:
-It makes travle faster
-It helped get people to outerspace
The Jet engine was invented in 1930, but it was first used on August 24, 1939
Some of the benefits of the jet engine are:
-It makes traveling faster
-It helps get people to outerspace

Gorges Dam

Some of the tools they use are argon-ion lasers, atomic force microscopes, and cluster computers
To become an Aerospace Engineer you have to have your Bachelor's degree. They have to know about Engineering, Technology and Design.
If you want to be an Aerospace engineer you have to be able to pay attention to detail, be an analystical thinker, an innovator, persistent, and dependable.
If you become a Aerospace engineer, you might be work indoors, in enviromnetaly controlled places. They have to have face to face discussions with their co-workers and client and they might even have to work in work groups or teams.
Task they do:
Design products or system to meet the customers requirments
Plan/Conduct expiremental, environmental, operational or stress test on models or prototype equipment
Design new or modify existing aerospace system to reduce polllution
Review new materials so they can determine how to reduce the negative affect on the enviornment.
They can produce satellites to help us monitor global climate change from space.
Some tools that they use are aerosol analyzers, oxygen meters, and freeze dryers.
To become a Biochemical engineer, you have to have your Bachelor's degree. You need to know Math, Biology, and Chemistry.
A Biochemical engineer has to be able to pay attention to detail, an analytical thinker, has integrity, achievement/effort, and have cooperation skills.
If your a Biochemical engineer, you might would be working with work groups or teams. Your also responsible for their safety and health, so you wear common protective or safety equipment. (Like safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, hard hats, or life jackets.)
A product they produce is a new fertilizer that will improve the productivity of crops that a farmer grows.
Task they do:
Lead studies to exaimin/recommend changes in the process or operation protocols.
Direct expiremental or developmental activities at contracted labs.
Review existing manufactoring processes to identify opportunities for product producing improvement
Develop expirements to determine methods of production that decrease pollution or waste
They earn an average of $104,057.50 inVirginia.
A few tools they use are atomic force microscopes, chromaticgraphic scanning systems, and surface analysis spectroscopes.
A Chemical engineer has to be persistent, initiative, adaptable/flexible, have leadership skills, and be stress tolerance.

The level of entry to become a Chemical engineer is your Bachelor's degree. You have to know about Chemistry, Math, and Physics.
If you become a Chemical engineer, you might be working with work groups or in teams, You have the freedom to make decisions, but your still responsible for others' health and safety.
Task they do:
Determine most effective arrangment of operations.
Prepare estimate of production costs and production progress for management.
Direct activities of the workers who operate or who are engaged in constructing and improving equipment.
Design and plan layout of the equipment.
A product that they can develop is new fuel to propell aircrafts faster and farther into outerspace.

Some of the tools they use are accelerometers, digital voltmeters, and frequency drives.
An Electrical engineer has to have leadership skill, be able to cooperate, be adaptible/flexible, socially oriented, and have a concern for others.
To become an Electrical engineer, you have to earn your Bachelor's degree. You also have to know about Electronics, Design, and Mechanics
If you become an Electrical engineer, you might be working in work groups or in teams. In the groups, you will have the freedom to make decisions, but you are still responsible for others' health and safety.
Task they do:
Develop budgets, estimating labor, material and construction cost.
Design electrical systems or componets that decrease electrical energy requirements
Develop systems that produce electricity using renewable energy sources
Integrate electrical systems with renewable energy systems to improve efficiency.
The tools they use are differental scanning calorimeter, flow reactor, and high temperature tube furnaces.
Sun Yat-sen proposed the idea of the three gorges dam in 1919
It was meant to be a symbol of the countries economic success.
The 3 Gorges Dam will protect 15 million people and 1.5 million acres of farmland in areas of the yangtze river that are easy to be flooded by
International Space Station
President Ronald Reagan proposed and directed NASA to build the ISS on January 25, 1984
It took 10 years and over 30 missions to assemble the space station
Some benefits of the ISS are:
-Vaccine development research
-Station-generated images (faster and better way to assists people in disasters, look at the geography of the world,etc.)
-Education program that inspires fute scientists, engineers and space explorers
The Pencil
Henry David Thoureau was credited for his pencil making process as well.
Human Factors
A Fuel Cell Engineer has to be flexible/adaptible, socially oriented, be cooperative, persistent, and an analystical thinker.
To become a Fuel Cell engineer, you have to get your Bachelor's degree. You have to know about Physics, Math, and if avaliable, Computer Science.
If you become a Fuel Cell engineer, then you might be working in work groups or teams. You have to have good comunication skills to get your point across to your team, but you have to have in mind that you have a deadline
The can produce a fuel cell with an efficiency high enough to power a city bus all day long without refueling.
They can produce a reliable radio collar, so that researchers can track and study wild animals
William Monroe created the 1st wooden pencil in 1812 in Concord Massachuettes.
The benefits of the pencil are:
It helps create and design projects and maks life easier
Rector Wilkhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray in 1895
-Speeds Diagnosis
-Easy availability
-Ease of diagnosis
-Least expensive
-No side effects
The Motorcycle
Gottlieb Daimler is thought to have invented the first real motorcycle in 1885
The benefits
-cheaper to run
-easier to repair
-easier to park
-harders to tow
-can stop anywhere
-less boring
Task they do:
Validate designs of fuel cell, fuel cell components, or fuel cell system.
Fabricate prototypes of fuel cell components, assemblies, stack, or system.
Authorize release of fuel parts, components, or subsystems for production
Define specifications for fuel cell material.
Human factors engineers don't really use just on kind of tool. Since Human Factors engineers are a range of diffrent small groups of diffrent engineer, different groups use diffrent tools for different projects.
They design objects, facilities and environments to make things more efficient for the use of human beings.
The study the overall performance regarding the relationship between human and related technology.
They investigates and analyze characteristics of human behavior and performance when it relates to using technology
A Human Factors engineer has to be persistent, stress tolerant, have leadership skills, independent, and dependable.
To become a Human Factor engineer you have to earn your Master's Degree to start working with them. They also have to know about Industrial Design, Environmental Medicine and Pscychology.
If you do start working in this field, then you be speaking publicly to large or small crowds. Its also important to be exact or very aaccurate, keeping in mind that you do have to meet deadlines.
They produce or make better space vehicles, so people are able to use them in space better and get things done faster as well.
A person who takes risks
Task They Do:
Write, review, or comment on documents, such as proposals, test, plans, or procedures
Estimate time or resources requirements for erogonomic or human factor research or development projects
Develop or implement human performance, research, investigation and analysis protocols
Collect data throh direct observation of work activities or witnessingthe conduct of test
Engineers, all of them are risk takers because they are taking risks on different sort of things.
The engineers that build buildings and roads, they are taking risks by proposing different ideas that could and could not make sense
They earn an average of $83,209.53 in Virginia
A thinker
A person who thinks deeply and seriously
A person acting in accordance with mordlity and showing recognition of right and wrong
They try to find new ways of doing things with what they know and they use their knowledge to get things done.
It means that you have strong feelings that you are going to do something and you wont allow anyone or anything to stop you.
It also means that your not a weak or uncertain person. You know what you want to do and you show people your determination to do something.
It means that your someone who gains knowledge or skills by studying, practicing, being taught or experiencing something that will later help you in life.
Open - Minded
Its someone who is opened to new ideas and projects. They head into things with a positive attitude and they always look forward to things because their open to new options and adventures.
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