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Digital ("new") Media Presentation

Stella Bartholet and Noahgrace Bauman CAP Research Pd. 7

John Smith

on 5 April 2011

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Transcript of Digital ("new") Media Presentation

"NEW" MEDIA What is "new" media? "New" media is defined as interactive forms of communication on the internet, including social networking sites, podcasts, blogs and virtual worlds. The "new" media revolution began in 1971 when the first email was sent. The Three C's of "new" media communication Connect- New Media connects people who would not normally have the chance to interact. This helps the proliferation of idea sharing between individuals Collaborate- New media allows people to work together over great distances and make business transactions Create- New Media is a tool for creating a great number of things, from photo editing to virtual lives. Though "new" media is effective in bringing people together in a way unlike any before, this new form of communication also comes with many disadvantages. Privacy has become a major issue with the Internet. The increase in social networking use has led to people sharing information with the public that can never be deleted. Social networking gives strangers unprecedented access to private information. The Internet may seem like a great way to meet new people, but there are risks and dangers that come with the conveniency. There have been kidnappings, molestations and murderers related to Internet-use. hell People use the social media in order to reinforce their self-esteem and feel secure.They like the sense of community found in social-networking. The ability to control their profile and join groups that reflect positively on their personalities allow people to create an image that they find appealing. Psychology Behind Social Media Disadvantages New media not only affects the human mind, it also raises concerns in the news industry. It used to be that readers could press the "share" button and the article would be posted on their facebook page. The new "like" button has become more popular, which makes it harder for certain articles to spread. For example, a well written article about a bombing in the Middle East may be well written, but readers can't "like" the article since it is an unfortunate event. The new media has started a revolution. The recent revolt in Egypt against Mubarak was made happen because of Facebook's ability to connect people and organize events. Now that the "new" media has connected people unlike ever before, how will it affect the future? How the new media is affecting journalism... Many news companies, especially print sources, are suffering from the new media. Free access to news online is putting magazines and newspapers out of business
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