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Was Napoleon A Good Or Bad Leader?

No description

Audrey Walsh

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Was Napoleon A Good Or Bad Leader?

Was Napoleon A Good Or Bad Leader?
Napoleon's legacy
He created a government in France that supported liberty, equality, and fraternity.
Characteristics Of Napoleon
Napoleon was a confident risk-taker. He was determined to succeed.
He was charismatic, a hard worker, and highly ambitious. He could be described as a revolutionist, intellectual military strategist, fearless soldier, motivational and charismatic speaker, and a tyrant.
Napoleon Bonaparte was a good leader because he was a strong military commander and he made France into a powerful empire.
After he became First Consul of France, Napoleon crossed the Alps to invade Italy and had this picture painted to celebrate his victories.
- He went to battles,
but he directed his
soldiers to fight.
- He massacred lots of
Jew and Gypsy no any
right reasons.
- He only though his
power not his people.
- He just went lots of
battles and kill many people.
- When he had battles, he only used his
powerful soldiers and weapons.
- He went to battles
and fight together.
- He did not kill other
- He wanted peace and
- He made a Napoleon
code for France.
- He had battles with his soldiers and
weapons based on his intelligent
Napoleon: Emperor and Conqueror by Kimberly Heuston
Bad leadership by Barbara Kellerman

BBC News
Was Napoleon Bonaparte Short?
No. He was actually 5' 6"
It is a common misconception that he was 5' 2" but due the difference between French measurement and English measurement (a French inch was longer back then) historians have credited him as being 5'6" which was average height for French men at the time.
The Dictator, Napoleon
Usually, the dictator means in bad way; however, people had respectful and followed Napoleon. Which elements made him to be a good dictator...
He drove out Royalists in Toulon.
He took control of Italy
He went on to conquer Egypt and became a national hero
In the Battle of Austerlitz he defeated the Russian and Austrian armies and took control of Italy, Belgium. The Netherlands, and parts of Germany.
He defeated Prussia in the battle of Jena and Auerstedt.
He made the Napoleonic Code. It brought equality and fairness.
He worked toward making the education and schooling system better. He also helped France prosper financially and economically.
He was an excellent leader. What happened to make him fall?
After his defeats, his confidence was shattered.
He let the power get to him.
He divorced his wife after she had an affair. This could have hurt his emotional health and well being.
Comparison of Dictator between Napoleon and Hitler
1. He sided with the French revolution for powerful country.

2. He took control of Egypt, invaded Italy, and France ruled most of Europe under him.

3. He won a lot of battles.

4. He came across the Rosetta Stone for France.

5. He created a Napoleon code and tried to follow the rules.

6. He tried to give people peace and freedom

7. He had strong confidence.

8. He was a good speaker, so he encouraged his people as well.

What makes a good leader?
- Being honest

- Has strong and intelligent power

- Keep confidence

- Good speaking skills

- Being thoughtful leader for others

- Trying to be peaceful

What makes a bad leader?
- Disregard

- Distortion of something

- Treating harsh someone in front of everyone

- If the leader can't decide something clearly

- Being cruel

Even though Napoleon was a
dictator of France, people respected and followed him very well because
of his power and good leadership.
World History
Sally Kim
Audrey Walsh

He was good leader!
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