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Holland (Netherlands)

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Holland (Netherlands)

The Netherlands is known for...
quick facts!

Capital: Amsterdam

Population: 16.8 million (2013) World Bank

Official language: Dutch

The dutch love their coffee!

The land is very flat

Dutch people are the tallest in the world!

Mark Rutte is the Netherland's Prime Minister.



~~The flag of the Netherlands~~

Its first flag was an orange, white and blue striped flag (called the Prinsvlag) which was based on the colors of William of Orange, the first ruler of the Dutch Republic. The orange dye in the early flags faded over time to red, so in the mid 1700s, the orange in the flag was changed to red.

Dutch people eat all sorts of things...

map it!
its next to Germany and above Belgium.

NeTHerlands (Holland)
clogs (wooden shoes)

the Netherlands is a country in northwestern Europe.
stroop waffles
the purple line shows
Tasmania to the Netherlands.
The Netherlands are know for their cheese

croquettes are like small meatballs filled with different ingredients.
pickled fish and eel
Pickled fish and eels are kept in a jar with vinegar. Eel is very popular in the Netherlands.They eat both on small biscuits.
Football which is actually soccer in the Netherlands is the most popular sport in the Netherlands with field hockey and volleyball as second and third popular sports.
chocolate sprinkles
In the Netherlands chocolate sprinkles are VERY popular! people eat on a biscuit kind of toast looking thing! they are called
It takes 1 and a half hours to get to Germany and Belgium and it takes 5 hours to get to France.

Sun hours in the Netherlands
each month.
rain and snow in the Netherlands each month

the kids in the Netherlands love it when its cold because they ice skate on the rivers and lakes that are frozen.
Saturday, 11 2001
6:00-Woke up to sun shining through my window.
i can smell the cheese my mum is melting for a pie
8:45-Getting my bike ready. i am going to ride on a canal with a few of my friends.
9:30- we are on the canal and we pass a big windmill.
we eat some croquettes with some sprinkles on bread for a treat at the end.
11:15- we got off the canal and got our bikes at then other end. we rode them to a a little shop, in the shop there were alot of cow things.
1:00- i am now at home after a big day out with my friends!
4:00- i made myself a waffle but mum said i wasn't allowed to eat it yet because we were going out for dinner soon.
6:00- we are at a little restaurant like a cottage. we had pickled ell and we had cheese and biscuits after that then we had waffles! yum yum
9:30- I'm sitting in bed reading my book. i got a new longer bed today because i kept growing and i was to tall to fit in the last one!

in The Netherlands there are
a lot of cows.
there are a lot of merchandise with black and white spotted cows.
major city
Netherlands - Largest Cities
1. Amsterdam , North Holland
2. Rotterdam , South Holland
3. The Hague , South Holland
4. Utrecht, Utrecht


Thanks for watching!
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