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AGM & Annual Report 15-16

GalGael Trust

Gehan Macleod

on 23 September 2016

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Transcript of AGM & Annual Report 15-16

Journey On
Revisions to product range
Sales revenue £4,012 (48% of target)
12 events in 2015-16, including Islay Whiskey Fest, Royal Highland Show, Tarbert as well as our own Christmas Fayre and Spring Fayre.
Delivered 10 month provision to Journey On participants;
27 participants attended 3-day work trips;
Anchor & Sail
Practical work building purpose, identity & meaning;
101 new people (92 - 14/15)
18 completed 24 wks (target 9);
79 completed first 6 weeks;
14 women were recruited up from 12 last year.
making work & meaning
Mike McCarron
GalGael Chairperson
Update on Trust Accounts 15-16
Appointment of Auditor
Introduction to Board Members & election

thank you ...
Financial Report
Clanship Commitment
Report on the Year 15-16
Journey On
- learning journeys;
Anchor and Sail
– traditional boat building & maritime heritage;
- rural skills project & Voyaging;
- demonstrations & outreach

Set up GalGael Enterprise:
More Products, Timber, Makers and Graft;

Journey On
"It's about achieving and making something... a person who's working beside you who turns around and says that's a brilliant job you've done"
making life liveable
making work probable
participants secured

participants became
Journey On
making hope possible

annual general meeting
Anchor & Sail
new Coastal rowing club
Management Overview
GalGael Enterprise
Continued improvements: to ard organisation & timber stock room
Appointed Timber Hand through Community Jobs Fund
Ongoing challenges: acquisitions & sales
Sales revenue £17,625 (63% of target)
Repair and maintenance work;
Glasgow Housing Association, 3 major projects delivered;
Sales revenue £57,619 (142% of target)
Established as a subsidiary wholly owned by the Trust 31 March 2015;
But expenditure includes about £95,000 of cost otherwise picked up by Trust;
Year Two of investment from Resilient Scotland
GalGael Enterprise
Members register, apologies
& approving last years minutes
286 places taken up on cultural & heritage outings & 49 places on taster crafts
Journey On
connection to nature & heritage
Year Two of 3-year boatbuilding project in partnership with the Clyde Maritime Trust.

Worked with 3
at GalGael
49 participants
(81% of target) took park over 12 months.
West Coast skiff - taking shape but behind schedule
One public event & 4 heritage trips

Ben Duffin
Lead Boat Builder
It’s enough to make you cry. Or, to quote a good friend of mine “You know those moments when your soul swells and it just wets your eyes a bit.” When you’re overwhelmed by things that are just so good and real and true. How a piece of wood gets fashioned into art and a dead plank transformed into a meaningful demonstration of creation. How every person, however skilled, is a craftsman and has something beautiful to contribute, and here when I say beautiful, I don’t mean ‘try-hard’ beauty or ‘almost’ beauty, I mean it’s enough-to-move-your-soul beauty.
Seumas Mackinnon
Project Officer
Being GalGael
Commissioned development study for Argyll & Bute recovery offer;
Local Walks & Trips
Orcuan for refit & TLC, Jan '16
"What makes boatbuilding so fascinating is that very few people do it these days, we're rekindling awesome skills from the past that have been dying out in recent years!"
"I really enjoy the feeling of usefulness I get when learning to rehabilitate an old boat! My communication skills have improved so much since starting on Anchor & Sail"
Wide range of work
Improved working systems
Sales revenue £25,690 (59% of target)

to all our volunteers, board & staff!
thank you :)
Rev. Dr. Moyna McGlynn
12 January 1950 - 5 August 2016
to all those who made 2015-16 possible
Glen Murray
Business Manager
Alasdair Watson
Workshop Manager
Alan Torrance
Timber Steward
The GalGael Grace

We’re cast into a crazy world
Wi’ many a sore disgrace
Where greed o’er turns compassion
And respect is laid to waste

Nae wonder then I linger here
Wi’ brethren mare distinguished
Who’s grasp on human kindness
Will never be relinquished

And share a cup and give a hand
Tae those who share this greeting
To be a kent face and earn a place
At GalGael’s weekly meeting

So as we eat, let all think well
On the value of this clan
That feeds our bodies, hearts and minds
To help us make our stand

J. Jeffery
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