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Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

No description

Matt Prakke

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Nathan's Famous Hotdog's- Distributed: Cincinnati, Ohio $5.99

Hellmann's mayonnaise- Distributed Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey $5.69

Minute Maid Lemonade- Distributed-Atlanta, Georgia $1.99

Cheesy Double Decker Taco Dinner Kit- Distrubuted Northfield, Illinois $3.89

M&M's- Hacketstown, New Jersey-$3.99
5 Items made and distributed
Three Items from North Carolina
The farming techniques of large scale companies include:

Apply chemical fertilizers to promote plant growth
Spray insecticides to reduce pests and disease
Use chemical herbicides to manage weeds
Give animals antibiotics, growth hormones and medications to prevent disease
add preservatives and artificial flavors

Organic farmers try to appeal to the people who want to use less chemicals and want to have less environmental impact on the environment. In my apes class I learned about feedlots and livestock ranching and it seems to be a very terrifying process. Animals in feedlots are crammed together and and given a lot of food to to fatten them up. They then are sent to livestock ranches to live there and continue the process of fattening up. Many people don't like these processes done by commercial farmers and this is why organic foods appeal to them.

Farming Techniques
Milk Questions
Got Milk?
Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt
By Matt and Logan
Organic food, is food made without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizer, Genetically Modified Organisms or Ionizing Radiation. The animals that are origins future of organic meals, are not given growth hormones. For a food product to be given the organic label, it must be from a USDA certified operation, that is in compliance with the USDA guidelines, and in addition receives random checks to assure the standards are being met.

The store did not have a specific organic aisle but the major differences between organic and non-organic are-
natural fertilizers like manure or compost are used compared to chemical fertilizers
organic farmers rotate crops to allow better soil and to control weeds, non-organic farmers use pesticides to control weeds
also most organic foods are made of of natural ingredients

Design of the store
The registers are located near the entrance, with candy, magazines, any other entertaining options that are all under $4.00. Also once you walk in the door you see fresh fruits and vegetables, that are very appealing. There is also a large wine area located just to the left of the fruit.
The Carolina Nut Co.- $3.59

Clover Honey-$2.99

Lizard Lick Barbecue- $3.29
Nathans- 516 Miles
Hellmann's- 495 Miles
Minute Maid- 405 Miles
Taco Dinner- 829 Miles
M&M's- 489 Miles
This may be problematic because the longer distance traveled adds to the overall cost of the food which eventually effects the consumer. For example, local foods are much cheaper then the comparison of foods that have traveled 450+ miles

Seedless Watermelon-$3.38

Seedless Cucumber-$2.99

Tomato- $2.69
Thunen Theory
Sierra Mist Natural
The ingredients in Natural Cheetos seem to not differ from regular Cheetos very much. The main difference in the ingredients was the Organic Corn Meal from the natural Cheetos and the enriched Corn Meal from the regular Cheetos. Also the regular Cheetos had artificial coloring, and the Natural did not.
Largest Portion's

Pedigree Dog Food
$0.79 / Pound

$0.43/ Pound

$0.49/ Pound
A seedless Watermelon is a gmo, of course, because like the cucumber it is seedless
The Seedless Cucumber, according to the Environmental working groups 2013 report, are among the top 12 fruits and vegetables with pesticide residue commonly found.
The Tomato is genetically modified by being bred with a deactivated gene that prevents them from producing, polygalacturnase, an enzyme that starts the rotting process of the plant. Rotting is delayed up to 2 weeks later than normal.
The price of the organic milk was $7.58, however the price of the the regular lowes foods was 2.99

The expiration dates of the organic milk was 10/14/14 and the expiration date on the lowes food was 4/20/14. The organic milk is super heated, and the ultrapasteurization in organic milk kills more bacteria than the antibiotics used in regular milk. Less bacteria means the milk spoils slower.

Sierra Mist Natural is made with real sugar and nothing artificial. In the Sierra Mist there are no preservatives, artificial flavors, or caffeine. All this data supports the idea that Sierra Mist is natural because the major classifications to be a natural look at the ingredients and nothing artificial and real sugar classify it as natural

Usually the things that have a low pound to cost ratio are the foods that are better for you or just not need for you at all, like the dog food
All things bought
Thunen's theory does not, for the most part, apply to our city. Our city is not a farming city, most of the east coast isn't as big on farming as places in the mid west and international are. City's like Raleigh do farm, but not very much, and have much of its food shipped in from other states or countries. Common foods like bananas, coconuts, coca are not made in America. These types of farming are done at different lengths from our city; but, since they are all so far away, and, America is a service country, it does not correlate directly with Von Thunen's theory.
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