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Internship Search

No description

Brittany Manzer

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Internship Search

Step 4
Internship Boot Camp: Find & Secure an Internship
Step 1
Know Internship Options
Apply for
Network On & Off Campus:
Action Plan!
Step 3
Step 2
Step 5
1. Develop a resume and tailored cover
letter for internship--it matters!

2. Come to drop-in Monday through
Friday from 11 to 4 p.m.

3. Create an ideal internship list and start
cold calling and emailing

4. Follow up regarding application and

4. Practice interview techniques

5. Know credit options and ICP for
"My internship mission is..."
Internship Benefits:
Career exploration
Graduate or professional school applications
Experience for competitive job market
Expand professional network and references
Internship Tools
Elevator pitch ready to go: who you are, what you do, and what you're looking for
Ask questions and be helpful
Build relationships with professors
Follow up with people
Social Media: Expand Your Search and Explore Interests
Market your internship mission
Develop personal brand
Actively engage with network and share knowledge
Identify opportunities using groups, alumni & companies
Leverage connections to meet internship mission
Get introduced and connect with alum
Leverage career fairs and other employer events
Just need an interest!
Follow companies and join groups
Connect with people on campus
International Internships
Volunteer, stipend, or paid
Location specific
Make your own internship!

Career exploration
Online resources, Handout Hub, and more!
What is your motivation for seeking an internship?
How do you accomplish your internship mission?
Peace Corps
City Year
Department of State
and More!

Internship Section:
"Find an Internship" section of our website
Panels & Events
Handout Hub
Top Internship
Post-BA Internships
The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas
EAP website: returnee sites
Location specific handouts
Where and with Whom?
Career Fairs
Industry and alumni panels, Info sessions
Internship sites--leads to next position!
Family and friends

Campus part-time positions
Leadership positions
Office of Student Life- Campus Organizations
Volunteer positions & Associated Students Community Affairs Board (CAB)
Phase one:
Phase two:
Phase three:
"My internship mission is..."

"My next action step will be..."
Internship Week
Career Services

Campus Connections
UCSB Sustainability Internships
Carsey-Wolf Center Media Internship Program
Find & Secure
an Internship

Check monthly!
"Find an Internship" section
Great to keep track of contacts during internship search!
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 63.3% of companies will extend full time job offers to their interns!
Contacts for Future Jobs!
A well developed internship should:
Include pre-professional tasks and projects to enrich knowledge about a particular career
Balance the amount of clerical work (no more than 20%)
Provide periodic supervision and feedback regarding your progress
No one gets units for experience alone!
Some departments offer Internship courses
All Departments offer an Independent Research 199
Course Requirements in catalog
Internship Certificate Program through Career can be used in lieu of academic units and requires 50 hours per academic quarter and offers a structured evaluation process

Typically require a minimum of 100 hours per quarter, or between 10-12 hours per week
Should not intern more than 20 hours per week during academic year
Some employers require 200 hours per quarter
Most offer a stipend or salary; 40% are volunteer
Departmental Listservs and Blogs
Film & Media Studies, Econ, Environmental Studies, Art History
Faculty Contacts and Research Opportunities
Structure varies--talk to faculty
Community Internships
Local Government
Professional Associations
Alumni Affairs Internships
Wellness Internship (student peer health educator)
Economic Forecasting Project
Informational interviews
Not sure where to begin?
We are here to help!
Internships Facts
Internship vs. Part-time Job
More than 300 local and national internship listings available
Upload resume and cover letters in the system and apply directly
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