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Levi Hutson

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Discrimination

What is discrimination?
The inappropriate and unjust treatment of someone based on different aspects.
There is not just one form of discrimination. It actually branches off into different forms, some of these are race, gender, and also religion
With discrimination there can be causes and effects.
What are the causes of discrimination?
One of the causes of discrimination is that we have simply learned it from previous generations.
Another cause of discrimination is the social media we have today.
Have we ever looked at someone and judged them about body shape? Looks? Race? Do you just not like them because of those? Did you judge a book by their cover? That's ignorance.
Are there any effects from discrimination?
To be completely honest yes, the effects are there and sometimes we can see it.
Some effects that discrimination has on some people are:
Ageism is the discrimination and stereotyping based on the ground's of someone's age, it is most often directed towards elderly, adolescents (teenagers) and children.
Ableism is a form of discrimination or social prejudice against people with disabilities and have favored the people who do not; there are many other names for this, one of the few is disability oppression
Bullying; discrimination can be a form of bullying weather it is verbal or physical
Depression; some people may break because of them feeling like outcasts, this can lead to social isolation, self harm, even suicide
In the United States age discrimination has been problem to exist in hiring people for jobs, it was determined that businesses are 40% more likely to give an interview with younger job applicants than ones who are older
Disability discrimination treats the people who do not have disabilities as a standard or 'normal' and can exclude people with various disabilities.
One event that had happened in the 1970's in the United States was when the 'ugly laws' came into effect in some jurisdictions.
-Anyone with a disfigurement or disability was banned from appearing in public at any time
In this video we will be watching interviews about disability discrimination
This video was made by a young man who had faced discrimination for having autism
Religious discrimination is when someone or a group of people is treated in an unfair or indifferent manner because of their beliefs.
Many countries have freedom of religion, but religious discrimination is a huge part of society, wherever you are, it at most times may be illegal to discriminate against someones religion but no matter up this is still out there.
Sexual Preference
People who like the same or both sexes have been faced with constant discrimination which stems from years of hate that continues to this day, mainly this is because of religion
In 2009, a report was published with the research stating that about 80 countries around the world that have considered homosexuality illegal, in addition 5 of them carry the death penalty for homosexual activity.
An article that was released in 2005 in Iran stated that male homosexuality is still a taboo among other things and that honor killing by Iraqis against gay family members is not considered 'illegal'
The amount of homophobia has decreased by a large number over the years but it is still present in today's society
A number of countries, especially those in the western world, have passed measures to alleviate discrimination against sexual minorities
Sexism or gender discrimination is prejudice or unjust treatment based on a person's sex. People being sexist may stem from traditional stereotypes of gender roles which may include the believes that a person of one gender is intrinsically superior to a person of the opposite sex.
A job applicant may face discriminatory hiring practices based on their gender, as well as they may not receive equal wages for doing the same job as a member of the opposite sex.
Race discrimination: this is the treatment of someone in an unfavorable manner because they are of a certain race or because of the characteristic they have that are related to that said race
The values of society and a person's belief system is often the way which states which group (race) is superior and to which race is inferior; racism can be found in many social environments such as schools, office buildings, and even malls.
Racial harassment is one of the many attribute to undermining self-esteem; the dignity of the victim has been violated as well as the person's sense of security.
In any situation it is unlawful to harass a person based on their race and charges can be placed if this inflicts major damage to the victim, some forms of harassment in a racial context are: racial slurs, derogatory remarks about the person or their race and the showing of racially offensive symbols. I.e. Swastikas.
Martin Luther King: was a large public figure of black decent who was against the segregation laws and had stood in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 in a peaceful manner and gave his "I have a dream" Speech
The Freedom Riders challenged the law of how the 'blacks' and 'whites' should be separated when riding interstate buses. They decided to ride these buses in the South in mixed racial groups to challenge local laws or customs that enforced segregation in seating.
Of course the Freedom Riders didn't go unchallenged by racist groups. They were once mobbed when on the bus by a group of Caucasians in Alabama. This group threw a Molotov cocktail through the bus window and everything was burnt luckily no one was harmed in this attack.
Even during World War Two the government officials in Nazi Germany measured facial features to find if people were of "Aryan Decent"
Let's try something
We are going to try out our own survey let's see what you have to say compared to what your schoolmates had to say
speak, just write the first thing that comes to mind when we say the word
Write it down and flip the paper over
This is
so don't write your name
! It's the
thing you think
Don't shout out when we read yours
Let's Compare
By: Amanda Bradshaw, Ashliegh Burton, Scott Burton, Levi Hutson and Carter Milburn
Here's one last video we leave you with! Don't judge a book by it's cover! Be treated the way you want to be treated!
In conclusion we have looked at how people are discriminated against weather it is because someone thinks you are a ‘rotten teenager’ who looks like a ‘thief’ or a boy who has been born with autism and is bullied because of it. Maybe you just watched the girl in your class get called a Nazi because she was German. No matter what someone is going to discriminate against someone. With the research we have undergone to bring all this information to you we have also searched up ways on how to stop discrimination. Just like the types of discrimination there is not just one way to stop it as well. We cannot just go from having a world full of discrimination to a world where we all are equal without disrespect or unjust manners towards another. We researched on how to stop discrimination and a lot of the answers seemed to be in the same context of speaking up for what you believe in. There was also taking action, when you see someone being harassed or bullied for let’s say their race help stand up for them. The last one which we found that was quite interesting was show you care, as in we can’t just say we need to make a change we have to show the world that we want it as well.
-Old/old people
-Bombs/ 9/11
discrimination against a person's gender, race or religion when in the hiring process for a job.
In some studies that have been done it has been shown that men seem to have an 11% high advantage to receiving a job then woman.
Woman who were Caucasian found that they were offered a job 50% of the time while woman who were African-American only were offered the job 11% of the time
It also had been found that men who were Caucasian were three times more likely to get the job then men who were African American
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