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Decline of Ottoman Empire

Describes how the Ottoman empire declined.

Brianna Anderson

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Decline of Ottoman Empire

Decline of the Ottoman Empire Many things contributed to the
decline of the Ottoman Empire,
such as it's losses in trade, and lack of industrialization, and it's weakened government. -Osman I established the Ottoman Empire
-It would become one of the most powerful empires in history. Sultanate -Sultinate was once a strong institution.
-They declined due to laziness and lack of being actively involved in the affairs of state. -Because of the downfall of the sultinate, the Central Government slowly began to tumble down. -The Sultinate had a large role in the decline of the empire. The Army Once possesing one of the most powerful fighting forces, the Ottoman Empire became obsolete and weakend by it's many battles with European countries. -Eventually, the Ottoman army was little threat to surounding regions. 7 This also lead to the decline of the government. Trade In the beginning, the Ottomans traded with many other regions, with trade routes right through their empire. -However, when Europeans developed new trade routes that went around the Ottaman empire, the Ottamans economy was extremely damaged. With their lack of trade, the Ottoman Empire lost money and the people became unhappy. Work Cited:


Constantinople by Philip Mansel

The Ottoman Empire: 1300 -1600 by Inalcik Halil Industrialization -Not only were they unable to trade with many European countries, they also didn't develope further like them. -As the other European countries industrialized, the Ottoman's did not. This cause them to lag behind in productivity and efficiency. This also made their army less efficiciant, and further harmed their already falling economy. War One of the final straws for the Ottoman Empire was World War I. When the Ottomans entered World War one, they had a week army and little money to support their soldiers. During the war, the Ottoman Empire finally fell apart. The only territory left was what is now known as Turkey.
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