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North Carolina: Piedmont Region

No description

Anajyah Paschal

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of North Carolina: Piedmont Region

North Carolina: Piedmont
Alia Iyar
Ashantay Watkins
Anajyah Paschal

Why People Settled Here?
The fall line, with its waterfalls and rapids, made traveling on rivers difficult and discouraged migration into the Piedmont from the Coastal Plain. But once settlers began arriving in the Piedmont, they came in great numbers and helped make North Carolina's population grow rapidly.
How did settlers use the land?
They use and wheat and tobacco for use and for export. They raised livestock and drove them in large numbers to northern markets. Also they used the seeds and crops that were grown there.
Map of the State
Piedmont Region is Red.
There are 4.457 million people living in the Piedmont Region.
The Piedmont Plateau is focused more on manufacturing, industry and

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