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SOLO taxonomy in Physical Education...

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Nicola Richards

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of SOLO taxonomy in Physical Education...

Where to next?
How does this translate to practical PE?
SOLO can be used to assist students and teachers in developing skills, strategies, key competencies by providing clear levels and next steps....
So how can we use it in PE?
What is SOLO taxonomy?
SOLO at StAC - Example in Yr 9 PE / Health
SOLO taxonomy in Physical Education...

Using Verbs
HOT Maps
Creating Unit Plans using SOLO
Coding Learning Outcomes
Other Tools

Why is it successful in PE?
SOLO is a model or taxonomy of learning.
The SOLO model classifies students’ learning outcomes from any activity, unit or classroom programme. Teachers and students can use it to easily sort learning outcomes into three levels
of knowledge:
• surface knowledge
• deep knowledge
• conceptual (or constructed) knowledge.

What does SOLO stand for?
SOLO is an acronym for the Structure of the Observed
Learning Outcome.

Provides visual scaffolding in written tasks
Rubrics for student and teacher reflection provide clear next steps
Provides for easy differentiation in practical contexts
Language of SOLO translates into NCEA succinctly
Pam Hook - @artichoke
St Andrew's College - Struan George, David Bevin Sam McNeill

Have a look at our books - SOLO taxonomy in Physical Education https://www.essentialresources.co.nz/Products.aspx?SubjectID=0&SeriesID=SER5805
HookEd - http://pamhook.com/
St Andrew's College Moodle SOLO page - http://classes.stac.school.nz/course/view.php?id=610
PE teachers using SOLO on twitter - @NixRichards, @pe_pastoral, @RUloveskiing, @artichoke, @tombrush1982, @dwoodward11, @mattbebbington @Mat6453 @LeeG4rr3tt @davidfawcett27
Try using the unit planning tool - (handout)
Have a go at using a HOTmap
Create a rubric for your next unit

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