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The "Sunday Morning Slasher"

No description

Kirsten Kosik

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of The "Sunday Morning Slasher"

Psychological Phases (Post-Murder)
The End
Childhood Development Factors
Murder phase- strangled, stabbed, or drowned his female victims.
Totem phase- usually left crime scenes without taking any form of souvenir
Depression phase- admitted to his crimes after being caught by the police for the murder of young women
Aura Phase- prowled an area near his home, circling his surroundings for a future victim
Trolling phase- blatantly follow his victims nonstop for a couple days before the murder occurred
Wooing phase- gained the trust of his victims by knocking on their door and say he was looking for Charles
Capture phase- Once the victims allowed Watts to come inside their homes, he would physically attacked
Psychological Phases (Pre-Murder)
-Watts was described as a strange child
-Began having vivid fantasies of torturing and killing women as a child
-Suffered from severe bullying and peer rejection
-Born November 7, 1953 in Killeen, Texas
-Died September 21, 2007 (age 53) in a Michigan prison
-American serial killer
The "Sunday Morning Slasher"
-Coral Watts tortured or sexually abused each of his victims before killing them
-Watts is a lust killer.
Coral Watts is sexually motivated to torture, sexually abuse, and kill his female victims
Process-focused Serial Killer
Combination of Disorganized and Organized Serial Killer
Carl "Coral" Eugene Watts
- Disorganized factors
Socially inadequate and mildly mentally retarded (IQ= 68)
Absent father figure
Lived near each crime scene
Always left bodies intact
Usually battered face of victims
No interest in police involvement
-Organized factors
Selected victims according to their age, gender, and appearance
Women ages 14-44, mainly white
Diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder
Torture, sexual assault, and murder of over 100 women
Lack of guilt
Aggressive/destructive behavior
Criminal behavior
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