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My Softball Journey

No description

Claire Orihuela

on 8 July 2013

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Transcript of My Softball Journey

Swinging for the Fences
Softball is My Game
by Claire Orihuela
I started playing softball
when I was 10 years old. I had always played soccer,
but decided I wanted to do something different and my dad loved baseball. I love softball because you are always doing something like making a play or backing up a throw. The best part about softball for me is my team. My team is my second family and they are all like sisters to me.
How I Started
My Favorite Position
My favorite position is catcher because I am in control. I can see the whole field from where I am so I tell my teammates what to do. I am practically the captain of my team.
My Equipment
School Softball
St. Bonaventure Bulldogs
I played with the St.Bonaventure Bulldogs for four years. I will always cherish the years I played with that team.
Rec Ball
I have played Rec Ball in Weston and have had the chance to meet different people. I have been on the teams Heat, Bandits, Riptide, and Force.
Travel Softball
Weston Explosion
The first travel team I played on was Weston Explosion. Travel softball is much more competitive and requires dedication.
...But we had fun too.
Travel Softball
Gold Coast Hurricanes
Now I'm playing for the Gold Coast Hurricanes. It is a great team and in two weeks we are going to the ASA National Championship in Chicago, Illinois.
ASA Jacksonville Qualifier
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