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SRP 2015 Training

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Transcript of SRP 2015 Training

Summer Reading Program 2015
Santa Clarita Public Library
SRP Training
Read to the Rhythm

Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers Activity Log
Kindergarten - 6th
Registration is done at
Can be done at home online; or at a library

Once they register they will receive:
-Concert Pass lanyard
Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers
No online registration
Pick up an early-learning activity log at the library
Log suggests learning activities to do throughout summer
Log also serves as punch card for weekly prizes
Babies, Toddlers & Preschool are the ONLY group with a punch card for prizes. All other group prizes MUST be logged at the SRP website
7 weeks
June 8th - July 25th

to register.

4 Age Groups:
Baby, Toddler & Preschool
Kindergarten - 6th Grade
Teens (Grades 7th-12th)

Summer Reading Program
SRP is fun, crazy and yes, a bit more stressful than the rest of the year.

Kindergarten - 6th
This year prizes MUST be claimed through the SRP website

Check off boxes on the SRP website to indicate that children have picked up their weekly prizes

5 Book Summer Challenge!

After completing the 5 book challenge, children K-6 will:
-Receive a certificate for a FREE book from Barnes & Noble
-Write their name on a book die cut to go on our library walls
-Be entered in special drawings
Kindergarten - 6th
Kindergarten - 6th
Completing the 5 Book Summer Challenge enters children into a special drawing with the following prizes:

-Children K-3 may enter to win a Recorder and Music Book set

-Children 4-6 may enter for their choice of either a Violin, a Trumpet, or a Flute.

There is only 1 Violin, 1 Trumpet and 1 Flute so just one winner for each
Kindergarten - 6th
Are encouraged to visit the library each week to:

-Check out more books
-Attend fun programs
-Receive awesome prizes.

Prizes for each week are given Monday through Sunday. Prizes are not given retroactively.
Off site Events
Attendees need to have their Concert Pass lanyard. If they do not have it with them, they go to a separate line to have their SRP status double checked.

Prizes are only available in the libraries

Off Site Event information is available on the library calendar, SRP brochure, concert pass and SRP website

Do not call community sites for information.
Wild Wonders presents Jungle Boogie
Monday June 22nd 3:00 pm
Golden Valley High School

Rusty presents Let's Go Save the Butterflies
Friday July 17th 6:00 pm
West Ranch High School

Off Site Events:
Specifically designed for young adults grades 7-12.

Registration is done at
, in the library or at home

Registered teens will receive a Concert Pass lanyard
Weekly Prizes and Raffles:

Week 1: Raffle Ticket & Lanyard
Week 2: Raffle Ticket & Make it Yourself pinback buttons
Week 3: Raffle Ticket & Book
Week 4: Raffle Ticket
Week 5: Raffle Ticket & Headphones
Week 6: Raffle Ticket & Make it Yourself pinback buttons
Week 7: Raffle Ticket & Pencil + Bookmark
Teen prize are logged through the SRP website.
This year prizes MUST be claimed through the SRP website
Prizes are given Monday - Sunday weekly and are not retroactive.
When teens have met their 5 Book Summer Challenge they will receive an additional Raffle Ticket for a chance to win an acoustic guitar OR a$50 Amazon gift card
5 Book Summer Challenge
Raffle Ticket Info:

-Each week teens submit their weekly raffle ticket into one of two containers for a
chance to
win an acoustic guitar or a $50 Ama
zon gift card
Each branch will have 2 ticket receptacles.

-Volunteers/Staff need to instruct teens to include name, barcode number and
number on raffle ticket

-Winners are announced at the
SRP Music
Jamboree Finale on Saturday
July 25th at
Newhall Park

There is also an acoustic guitar for the winner of the DIY Guitar event, which will be announced at the SRP Music Jamboree
Specifically designed for adults and seniors to promote the enjoyment of reading!

Adults register at
online or at the library

Once adults register, they will receive:
-A Concert Pass lanyard

June 8th - 10th: Adults receive a 50% off coupon for a starter (appetizer) valued at $10 or less; redeemable at Route 66 on Wednesday, June 10th
-Adults do not receive weekly prizes HOWEVER they get a pen stylus after logging in their first book!
(staff are eligible!)

-You will need to indicate they have received their lanyard during registration

-You will need to indicate they have received their pen stylus
5 Book Summer Challenge
Adults who complete the 5 book summer challenge will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize of a Kindle Fire

Passive program - Guess the album cover at all 3 branches

Other fun programs include musical performances, adult crafts, cooking demos, learn to dance
Off Site Events
SRP Music Jamboree Finale

Saturday July 25th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Newhall Park
How It Will Work At Your Branch
-Canyon Country
-Old Town Newhall
Canyon Country
-SRP Table by FOL Bookstore
-Chrome Books for registration and logging in prizes
- One Children's Computer & Library Card self-registration terminal will also be used
-SRP Table by Parent Resource Center
-Chrome Books for registration and logging in prizes
- Two dedicated Children's computers will also be available
Old Town Newhall
-SRP table under the stairs
-Chrome Books for registration and logging prizes
-Two Children's computers will also be available
our volunteers!
-Will be the concierge at the SRP Table until 6:00 pm
-Assist patron registration and logging the claimed prizes
-Assist in distributing prizes
-Help with traffic flow at events
-Remind library customers to complete their 5 Book Summer Challenge!!
will be a trivia question about Freegal Music every Monday on our social media!

No age requirements, but we acknowledge Facebook's age 13+ terms of agreement.

Customers are entered to win a $10 iTunes gift card
Other Info
Staff are eligible to win a $25 gift card by completing the 5 Book Summer Challenge
Other Info
Staff are also eligible to win a $10 iTunes gift card by entering in the

AND the pen stylus after logging in 1 book
-Can library customers visit any of the 3 locations for events, registration and prize pick up?
-Do library customers need to be registered for SRP to come to the library programs?
NO - but Concert Pass Lanyards / SRP Registration status look-up ARE required for OFF SITE EVENTS
-Do library customers need to have a library card to participate?
-Can preschoolers go to the K-6th events?
We understand families will be attending with children of varying ages. However, the programs are not geared to children under 5, so we ask that parents sit directly with their preschoolers
-Why don't we have more storytimes for preschoolers during SRP?
We provide up to 27 weeks of storytimes during the fall, winter, and spring while the older kids are in school. SRP's purpose is to encourage school-aged kids to read through summer.
-Why are some performers off-site?
Having off-site events allows for more attendees and adequate accommodations
You're almost done...
Take a short quiz
Then ask a
Youth Services Librarian
, or
Volunteer Coordinator
for the
answer key
to see how you did!
Teens programs include:

DIY Guitar - Design a guitar, top 3 designs are entered into contest and the winner will be awarded an acoustic guitar
-Cassette Tape Notebooks
-Sound wave snapshot
-Sheet Music Masterpieces
-Movie presentations
-Tap Through Summer
-Band Practice
Attendees need to have their Concert Pass lanyard or be checked for SRP Registration Status
Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers
Week 1 – Ball Pit Balls
Week 2 – Book
Week 3 – Finger Paint Paper
Week 4 - Rhyme Book
Week 5 – Ball Pit Balls
Week 6 – Book
Week 7 – Free Choice

Kindergarten - 6th
Week 1 – Concert Pass & Lanyard
Week 2 – Book
Week 3 – Noisemaker
Week 4 – Magic Color Scratch
Rock Star Ornaments
Week 5 – Music Note Pencil
Week 6 – Book
Week 7 – Kazoo

Special Thanks
A very special thank you to this year's donors:
Prizes are given weekly and are not retroactive
Prizes are given Monday - Sunday weekly and not retroactive
DIY Guitar Voting Logistics

o During weeks 4-5, staff will be asked to vote on their favorite guitar designs. A binder with designs from all three libraries will circulate among staff. Staff must choose THREE designs, one from each branch as their favorite.

o During week 6, the Judges panel (Kelly, Darren, Susie Cordova) will select the winner from the top designs selected by staff.

There are actually 4 acoustic guitars (2 grand prize drawing per branch for the 3 guitars and 3 Amazon gift cards AND 1 guitar for the winner of DIY Guitar).
This year prizes are logged online through the staff side of the SRP website!
We are issuing a "5 Book Summer Challenge" for all ages! Encourage and remind library customers this can include graphic novels, magazines, comic books, audiobooks and eBooks!!!
(Staff are eligible too!)
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