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From The Dark Tower

No description

Maria Torrez

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of From The Dark Tower

Countee Cullen TP-CASTT 4 D'S: From The Dark Tower
Countee Cullen Maria Torrez
Yosehiry Vicente
Allison Nguyen
Oscar Resendiz -Birth Date: May 30, 1903
-Birth Place: Louisville, Kentucky
-Death Date: January 09, 1946
-Place of Death: New York
-Education: New York University, Harvard University
* Countee Cullen, a passionate Harlem Renaissance poet, was born on May 30, 1903 in Louisville, Kentucky.He started writing poetry at the age of fourteen. At 15 he was adopted by Rev. F.A. Cullen, minister of a large Harlem congregation. Cullen won a citywide poetry contest as a schoolboy, and the Writter Bynner Poetry Prize at NYU. In 1922, he went to New York University and graduated in 1923. In 1928, he married the daughter of W.E.B. Du Bois. Among Cullen's works are Black Christ, Copper Sun, and The Ballad of the Brown Girl. * Paraphrase: ‘From the Dark Tower’ has a somber tone – a melancholic resolved attitude. Cullen deals with the issue of racism on a completely different level. In the first stanza he is saying that blacks will not always have to work other men’s land or stay silent or tend others while they sleep or work with animals or “eternally weep.” In the second stanza Cullen is saying that the african community will eventually be equal and treated right, and by the tone of the poem, it is inferred that this equalness is long over due and it will be obtained by any means necesary.
* Connotation: "The night whose sable breast relieves the stark, White stars is no less lovely being dark," While this line could simply be about the beauty of the plain midnight sky or it could be about the beauty of Black people. The tone of this poem seems to be one of resentment and fury. Although the speaker doesn't use harsh words, it seems like he is fed up with a situation and is telling the audience to realize that something is wrong as well. * Attitude: He is mad about something also he has a resentment towards something as well as fury.
* Shifts: I believe that the focus of his poem dosn't change at all throught out the entire poem.
* Title: 'From The Dark Tower', is a perfect title for this poem because not only it has alot of dark details but also because of the era Cullen is talking about.
* Theme: "From the Dark Tower," a fourteen-line sonnet that illustrates the form's division into octet and sestet for the purpose of presenting a problem and a solution. Majestically, the closing lines turn to two examples from nature — the star-pocked night and frail blossoms that flourish out of the sun — to express the beauties of darkness. He closes with anticipation of a better time, when the poet's heartfelt "seeds" will flourish. Decay, disillusionment, defiance, and discontent are characterized as the 4 D's. From the one that us as group picked was discontent because it's defined as a poem that has alot of dissatisfaction with one's life. Thanks for your Attention :) Sable- mourning garments
Countenance- supported or approved
Brute- non-human, beast
beguile- chicanery, cheat
subtle- thin delicate
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