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City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

No description

Rorey Markus

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare By
Rorey Markus Summary Imagery Figurative Language Theme Setting Protagonist Conflict The City of Lost Souls takes place in many locations
all over the world. The book starts off in NYC, with Clary and the others searching for Jace, who is thought to have been kidnapped by the evil Sebastian. The beginning setting is New York City. Another main setting is a magical apartment that travels and teleports places across the globe. Half of the characters are traveling around the world. The other half are trying to figure out how to stop Sebastian, the evil part human, part demon, part angel from overthrowing the Shadow Hunters and taking over the world. Clary is the protagonist. She is smart, brave,
reckless, in love, and foolish. She uses these
traits to her advantage. An example of imagery is, "Fire exploded up the hilt of the angel's sword. The flame shot through Clary's arm like a bolt of electricity, knocking her to the ground. Heat sizzled up and down herveins, and she curled up in agony, clutching herself as if she could keep her body from blowing to pieces." This is an amazing example of feeling and sight in imagery. It shows how she feels, and what she looked like as she stabbed somebody with the one-use-only angel blade. An example of simile is, "The subway tunnel smelled
like the winter that had finally come." This is a simile
because it relates one thing to another using the word like. The book is saying that winter has finally come. The people are walking in the subway tunnel and are smelling the air. The air smells like snow and is cold, thus meaning it feels like winter.

An example of a metaphor is, "His hands clutched at his chest, and a river of golden blood slipped through his fingers." This is an example because it it says a river instead of just saying the blood slipped through his hands. It shows that the person is astonished that he was stabbed, that he is so perfect that the book is comparing his blood to gold. This was a very good book. In it, Jace and Sebastian are missing. When they turn up, they are blood bound together, Sebastian the dominant one of the pair. Clary goes with them to try and find out Sebastian's evil plan. The others try to find a weapon to separate the pair. They are also trying to find a cure for Luke who is dying because of the blade Sebastian stabbed him with. They send Simon to get a blade from an Angel. Then Sebastian creates an evil mortal cup. He turns his followers into evil Shadow Hunters and a large battle ensues between good and evil, and in it Clary changes eveything with the angel sword. The main conflict in the book is between good and evil.
World vs. World: This is between Sebastian's forces and the Clave. It fits into the book as the main conflict which causes many fights, and in the end, a final battle between good and evil.
Character vs. World: Everyone besides Sebastian's own forces want him dead. It fits into the story making him the manifestation of evil, meaning that Sebastian is the main bad guy in this story.
Character vs. Character: This is between Clary and Sebastian as they fight for Jace. This is the one half of the story. Clary pretends to be evil and goes with Jace and Sebastian as they travel, trying to take them down from the inside while also trying to get back Jace. The theme of this book is that evil will always be defeated by good. The evil forces in the book are all but wiped out by the good Shadow Hunters. An example of the theme is when the huge battle ensued between the evil Shadow Hunters, and the good ones. The demon Shadow Hunters begin to win, until Clary and her friends arrive. I would tell how they won, but it would give too much of the book away.
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