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The Colors of Discrimination

No description

wilson wong

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of The Colors of Discrimination

The Colors of Discrimination
Connecting our World
Making Choices about how we treat other people
What is Discrimination?
As an Asian American this topic strikes home.
Why I care
Job Opputunities

Why You should care
Why - Kids are still developing their knowledge of the world.
Kids learn from outside experience
parents can only teach so much
In Public schools many kids come from diverse backgrounds which is where discrimination may occur
Audience: Texas School boards
Can be made using real and relevant information
Can be based on prejudice, streotypes
Racial Discrimination
Hey "Chink"
Can You see me?
What are you eating ?
Why do you drive badly?
Are you good at Math?
America is the most diverse country in the world
It hurts my feelings and most importantly other peoples feelings

Learning about discrimination allows one to appreciate another's culture
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