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The Lost Hero

No description

Zoey Zautner

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of The Lost Hero

The Genre of this book is fantasy and Greek Mythology. It is appealing because not only is it fiction and full of unrealistic things but it also ties in amazingly well with the famous greek gods and other greek myths.
The setting is really all over the place, first they are at school. Then they are taken to Camp Half-blood. After that they go on a quest, and travel all over, including places that not many have seen before. When they finish the quest, they return to camp.
Main Conflicts
The main conflicts in the book are Jason losing his memory, when Piper's dad disappears, and when they get captured, which happens a lot.
Jason wakes up not knowing where he is, who he is, and the people sitting next to him. He soon learns he is on a bus with his two best friends, Piper and Leo, and a gym teacher that refers to everyone as 'cupcake', on their way to the grand canyon. Jason and his class arrive at the grand canyon, they go out and start observing the canyon. That's when everything goes wrong. It start pouring rain and thundering so they have to go back indoors. Jason, Leo, Piper and another boy were the last ones outside. The boy turned into a storm spirit and attacked with the others barely getting away. They are taken to Camp by Annabeth (a character from the previous series). They figure out Jason's godly parent on their own, Piper is claimed, much to her dismay, by Aphrodite, and Leo is claimed as Hephaestus's son. They are each sent on a quest to search for Hera, goddess of Marriage, who has to get back to Olympus by the winter solstice, which is in 4 days. Jason, Piper, and Leo go through much more then even a typical half-blood trying to get to Hera, then Piper's dad, a famous movie actor, goes missing. So Jason and Leo do everything they can to help their friend. What happens next?
Rick Riordan
The Lost Hero
The main characters in the book were Jason, Leo,, and Piper. Jason doesn't remember anything before waking up on the bus, but he is very brave and heroic. His father is Zeus. Piper isn't nearly as happy about her godly parent. Her mother is Aphrodite, everyone has a soft opinion of Aphrodite because she is the goddess of love and beauty and doesn't care about much else, but Piper is fierce. Leo is funny, annoying at times, and a great person to have around. He is the son of Hephaestus, god of forge.
The main theme of the book was to save Hera, the goddess of marriage before the winter solstice, which is in 4 days.
Main Theme
Text To Self: Piper had to deal with her annoy half siblings, I have to deal with annoying whole siblings daily.
Text To Text: In the story there is a pair of trouble making twins, they reminded me a lot of Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter. A lot of characters in the story are similar to the characters in Harry Potter if you think about it.
Text To World: In the book there was a lot of crazy people and other creatures, crazy is a big part of our world today.
Main Characters
I would give this book a 5 star rating because it was a good length, the plot was great, it had good character build, and it was about something I'm interested in.
I would say that the audience for this book would be boys and girls 11 and up. I think so because the myths and the plot might be a little difficult to understand for anyone younger, it really isn't just for a specific gender.
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