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What Makes a Presidential Image?

No description

Darby Madewell

on 8 December 2016

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Transcript of What Makes a Presidential Image?

What Makes a Presidential Image?
"HOPE" Poster, 2008
Shepard Fairey
Bill Clinton's Portrait, 2004
Simmie Knox
Clinton-Bush-Perot Debate, 1992
The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
Kennedy-Nixon Debate, 1960
Bush at Abu Ghraib, 2006
Peter Saul
President Elect, 1960-61/1964
James Rosenquist
Queen Victoria
Sir George Hayter
Portrait of John F. Kennedy
Aaron Shikler
The Coronation of Napoleon
Jacques-Louis David
Portrait of George Washington, 1797
Gilbert Stuart
, 1924
Arthur Keller
"'Light,' wrote Bablet in 1960, 'has a kind of power resembling that of music; it appeals to other senses but acts in the same way; light is a living element...'" - Bergman

"...the idea of making atmopsheres with objective reality..." - Bohme

"Television images matter in politics, and may have indeed played an important role in
the first Kennedy-Nixon debate
." - Druckman
Political Lighting
Are these patterns present in ceremony?
Presidential Debates
Not Inaugurations
Are these patterns present in the rest of the world?
Future Research
Besides generally white men over the age of 35
High angles of light, usually up and to the right
Generally a bright, warm light
Symbolic of HOPE, of peace
Intensity is focused on part of the face, casting shadows and creating bright highlights
Mood: Brooding, experienced
, capable
Replicating image
Lighting Patterns:
Lighting Fundamentals
Selective Focus
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