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Art high school

Art high school...

Tara Froehler

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Art high school

Brushwood High School
For our science classes, our staff will teach the basic science subjects and every student will sculpt a major project.
Our students will learn the history of art including Leonardo De Vinci. We will review his sketches and construct them ourselves.
Poetry is probably the most artistic type of writing you will ever read. That’s why in our school we will study famous poets and their poetry and to include writing practice, the students will create their own!
What will be expected from our school?
What type of teen would love this school most and why?
We want to show people how to appreciate art in any way, or any form mainly through visual art, poetry and by expressing their feelings. The main benefits from our school are preparing students for collage or a career as an artist, relieving stress, showing artistic abilities and letting them have a feeling that they have achieved something. Our school is mainly based around kinesthetic learners and visual learners. Everyone will have fun at our school, but these learners may have more fun at our school!
Our main goal…
Our main goal is to make sure that all students will share completion of artwork; and to enjoy it. We will teach our students with all different learning styles.
For math we will teach our students the basic dimensions of shapes of modern art. This will let them learn math and make something out of it!
By: Tara Froehler, Brooke Williams, Garrett Keefer, Andrew Lane, and José
What commen ground will all of our students
at our school share?
Our school is located right in the middle of New York City. New York is an amazing place to live full of different opinions everywhere you go. Because of this we will include creativity and artistic expresions through our everyday lessons. To have more students attend our school, the more artistic New York will become.
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