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the kindest cut

rob rector

on 27 February 2018

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Transcript of editing

Editing: The kindest cut
r. rector
com 246
Using collage, editing joins images in a sequence.
Editing creates meaning in the play of one image
with another
Editing can emphasize similarities between the way two shots look, in graphic matches.
What shots to use
How to put the shots together
How long to hold each shot before cutting to the next one.
what is editing?
Good editing involves selecting shots and combining them to convey the director's vision.
Does not have to play the way it was filmed.
A movie is like a jigsaw puzzle, with:
Sound effects
Visual effects
Editing is one of the most critical parts of making a movie. You never notice good editing.
The story moves along quickly, plenty of surprises.
Movie without editing can be boring and confusing.
Editors have to figure out what scenes to include, what to cut
Too slow
attributes of editing
Tempo: the pace of shots and scenes can be manipulated by the length of each individual shot (measured by average shot length) and the type of shot transition used.
Story Centered Editing
In most narrative fiction films, editing shapes the audience’s sense of time and draws attention to important details of the story space.
Editing conveys the cause and effect logic of the plot through narrative sequencing

Editing condenses and expands time. Montage sequences are one method for indicating the passage of time while condensing it.

Editing suggests the simultaneity of events (parallel editing).

Editing arranges the order of events.
editing and time
Editors have to convey the passage of time
Rarely takes place in real time
Compressing time
'Jurassic Park' = a few days
'Forrest Gump' = 45 years
'Planet of the Apes = 100s of years
Filmmakers use editing to draw attention to the way characters respond to:
dialogue or action;
to elements of the mise en scène;
to the group dynamics of a scene;
or to important details in the story space.
editing and space
Techniques used to achieve those effects include:
Shot/reverse shot sequences
Eyeline matches
Cuts that isolate characters
how many can you see here?
what do you notice about this scene?
let's play a game
clap every time you see a cut in the film
bonnie & clyde
and now we have come to this:
15 cuts in 6 seconds to jump over a freakin' fence
rule of six
editing as punctuation in film
mother cutter
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