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Penny Drive

Kids without Water

Kirsten Watkinson

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Penny Drive

Penny Drive By: Kirsten & Taylor 2500 Pennies That amount of pennies
can give 1 child clean water
for the rest of their LIFE. To Start..... Each class gets 1 Bag to start
You have to fill the bag up to the line
Please use only Pennies
You can get another bag if you need one
Our goal is 30 bags About Free the Children The worlds largest network of
of children helping other kids
through education What happens with the money? RBC takes the money and
donates it to kids in need all
around the world Clean Water Imagine this no clean water.We take
clean water for granted.How many of
you knew that 25 dollars can get
1 child clean water for life? Some kids drink
dirty water we don't want that. No clean water 1 000 000, people live
without access to fresh water What are we trying to do? We are trying to educate our school
about kids all around the world who
don't get clean drinking water. We
want the whole school to know how
serious this is and that it does exist. No education Did you know that girls all around
the world can't go to school because
they spend their day getting water
for their family. WE HAVE THE POWER Some people may think that kids
can't make a change or
difference,but that is who we are.
WE ARE THE CHANGE! We need your help We would like for all
of you to bring your pennies. Do you think you can do that? http://www.freethechildren.com/get-involved/
campaigns/we-create-change/ Check out this Clip Pancake Breakfast! The class that brings
in the most pennies will
get a pancake breakfast! Water Droplets Each class will get 3
droplets to put in our
gigantic drop of water. Reminder Go home and collect
your pennies and
bring them to school.
Lets fill those bags!
YOU HAVE THE POWER! When you fill 1/3 of
the bag you put your
room # and put it on
our water droplet Water Droplets 2
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