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Sky-Tech LLC

No description

Arturo Lucatero

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Sky-Tech LLC

We will have a fully functioning network that will connect the 3 school sites together.
We will have a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan ready to keep the school network running.
Sky Tech will provide technical support for hardware and software for a specified time after installation.

"The SKY is the limit"
Alex Alvarez
After I graduated from high school I joined the military where I gained some knowledge in computers.After finishing my contract with the Army I decided to learn more about computer technology. I enrolled into ITT-Tech to achieve my Associates in Science Degree in Network System Administration, and expand my knowledge about Computers, and Networks. Nearly completing my education I would like to start my Career in Computer networks, and show what I can bring to this profession.
Alberto Casillas
Alberto is an IT Technician with experience and works for a telecommunication company. The company develops and sells solutions that enable service providers to efficiently deliver high quality voice and data services over broadband access networks while leveraging investment in their network infrastructure. Alberto has an associate’s degree in Computer Sciences from IT technical institute of technology (2013).
Kevin Curnel
After graduating high school in 1998, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career that involved working with computers. I attended Santa Monica community college in southern California for a short time, until I had to quit due to family related issues. In 2003 I moved to Kentucky where my parents are originally from and worked as commercial truck driver. After living in Kentucky for eight years I decided to move back to California. After moving back I decided to return to school and pursue an education in computer networking like I have always wanted to do. I signed up for school with a clear idea on what I wanted to do as career. Now that I have almost completed my program of study, I am excited to use what I have learned and have a job that I take pride in doing.
Arturo Lucatero Jr.
After graduating from Orosi High School in 2001, I did not have any idea what I wanted to do. I went straight into the work force working various jobs. I have always had an interest in computers, but at the time, it was more of a hobby than anything. After working at Smith Auto Parts for almost ten years, I have decided that it was time for a change. I enrolled at ITT-Technical Institute to further enhance my knowledge of computers, networking, and my overall education. It was not easy working and going to school full-time, but with the support of my friends, family, and the instructors at ITT-Tech, I' am on my way to obtain my Associates Degree in Network Systems Administration. I’m excited to apply what I have learned in my new career, and continue to march forward in my education.
Aaron Moreno
I really was not familiar with computers until I reached high school. I had a friend who was really
into computers. He taught me about applications, operating systems, hardware, networks and what they would do. Since it was all new to me, I would ask many questions, and little by little I started to gain some knowledge grew an interest in computers, so I knew that when I graduated high school that is what I wanted to get into. When I graduated high school in 2009 I attended Fresno City College taking basic computers classes, but after only being there for one year I began to work putting my desire on hold. I soon came to conclusion and told myself that I had to keep reaching my goal, which is why I’m here attending ITT Technical Institute to pursue my associate’s degree in network system administration.
Kristina Rojas
When I was in high school I grew an interest in working with computers, and started to take
classes to get certified in Microsoft office programs and Web Design. After graduating from
Kingsburg High in June 2007, I attended Reedley College in the fall to pursue a degree in
Information Systems. I only attended Reedley College for one semester due to some personal
situations. In December of 2011 I decided to attend ITT Technical Institute to receive my A.S.
degree in Network Systems Administration. Since then, I have taken many classes to expand my knowledge in networking. I have learned how to use software programs such as Microsoft server 2008, Visio, and VMware Player.
Zandro Tugas
Graduated high school in 1991 and joined the military in 1996. Started out as an Aviation Structural Mechanic in the Navy for two years and cross rated to Master-At-Arms . Proudly served for 10 years
before I was honorably discharged for humanitarian reasons . Currently, I’m pursuing a degree in Computer Network Systems at ITT, and hopefully roll into the bachelors program in Cyber Security.
Finance Sheet
Microsoft Office 365
VMware Player
Anti-virus/Internet Security Software
Kaspersky Lab
Dell SonicWall TZ 205
Business Continuity Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan
• Establish a safe and secure environment
• Prepare a location for installation of IT equipment
• Physically setup all necessary equipment to establish network functionally
• Configure all equipment to establish connectivity to other sites
• Run final test of equipment and configurations
• Try to establish reliable and secure communications between sites

Dell Professional P2213
22" Monitor
Dell Precision T1650
Intel® Xeon® E5-2603 1.80GHz
250 GB Hard Drive
Server 2008 x64
Dell PowerEdge M620
Back up/Storage
-RAID 10
High disk performance
-14 hot-pluggable hard disk drives

Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS-M4110 Blade Array
Physical Security
D-Link DCS-6010L 360 HD Megapixel Network Cloud Camera

Server Cabinets:
NetShelter SX42U AR3100

Intel i5 processor
8GB Memory
500GB Hard drive
Integraded 10/100/1000 network adapter
Windows 7 Professional
Dell Inspiron 15R

Windows 7 Professional x64
Intel® Core™ i5-3337U processor
6GB Dual Channel DDR3
500GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive
Wireless Controllers
Cisco Air CT2504

Wireless Access Points
Aironet 1041 Controller based
Floor Plans
Fresno (Site 1)
Merced (Site 2)
Tulare (Site 3)
Fresno Site
Tulare Location
Site to Site
Contact Info:
E-mail: AAlvarez@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 286-7954
Conctact Info:
E-mail: ACasillas.ac10@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 786-2891
Contact Info:
Email: k.curnel79@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 904-6376
Contact Info:
E-mail: turolucatero@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 859-0111
Contact Info:
E-mail: aaronmoreno1992@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 801-5340
Contact Info:
E-mail: kristina.rojas88@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 305-3451
Contact Info:
E-mail: Zman9545@gmail.com
Phone: (559) 273-7646
8080 N. Palm Ave, Suite 101
Fresno CA, 93711
(559) 449-2424

Business Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Starting from the ground...
Aiming towards the sky...
Business Continuity Plan (BCP)
Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
Network Security
Site Floor Plans
The following will highlight some of the hardware and software that we will be implementing into the 3 school sites. The floor plans will illustrate how everything is connected at each site. The Network Connectivity Demonstration will give a visual of how everything is connected.
Develop a plan to identify the needs and requirements in order to implement a fully functioning network across 3 school sites.

Design all physical and logical aspects required to build the network.

Implement network equipment and install software.

Configure all equipment and software to establish connectivity that provides reliable and secure transmission of data to and from each location.

Test network configurations to ensure proper functionality is established and identify any issues that could pose future problems.
Network Infrastructure
3 locations
Each Location consist of multiple VLAN's
Up Next: Network Connectivity Demonstration
Project Manager
Risk Assessment Specialist
Network Technician
Network Design
Software Technician
Chief Financial Officer
Structural Drafting Technician
• IT manager will be responsible for contacting vendors and acquiring replacement equipment
• IT manager will oversee all stages of restoration and will finalize the completion of tasks
• IT manager will be solely responsible for the finalization of configurations before returning equipment to the production environment
• IT manager will contact the head of each department to notify them that functionality has been restored

The Sky Tech disaster recovery/restoration procedures for Mission Critical Processes are:
Crisis management command structure
Secondary work sites
Telecommunication architecture between primary and secondary work sites
Data replication methodology between primary and secondary work sites
Applications and data required at the secondary work site, and
Physical data requirements at the secondary work site.
User name & Password
Case Sensitive
Must be 8 characters long
At least 1 number and 1 special character
Guest (Wi-Fi)
Administrator accounts will be able to grant permissions to the groups
Instructors and Directors will be able to access Student files
Students will have limited access
Guests will have Internet Access only
"The SKY is the limit"
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