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I am from poem

Mr.Shulte 4th period

Taylor Derscha

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of I am from poem

I am from... By: Taylor Derscha I am from the bull-headed and do-it-our-self family. I am from the sunny beach with the smoking hot sand. The seagulls flying above crowing for food. I am from music blaring in the car, singing to "Last Friday Night!" I am from having friends over and having sleepovers, sharing secrets, and stories. I am from my little brother playing cars, wrestling his dad, screaming his head off. I am from the card shuffling with eyes darting from cards trying to make out what the card is. I am from reading books on gloomy cloudy days. I am from the football season in the fall, uncles and Grandpa standing, cheering on their favorite team. I am from the deviled eggs, hot dogs, and hamburgers at Easter, and birthdays at Aunt Rethas. I am from going up North with my huge family, to the big Mackinac bridge. I am from the rollerblades and blasting speaker full of music on Friday nights. I am from the sun shining in the sky to the sap stuck on hands from climbing trees. I am from fall leaf raking. Making big piles of leaves, and jumping into bright colored leaf piles. I am from the smell of the Christmas sugar cookies, and the sweet apple pies. I am from the family full of personality, love, and energy that's never ending. I am from the splash of water from a cannon ball into the pool at Grandma's. I am from the sound of my cleat hitting the soccer ball.
The cheer of joy from making a goal.
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