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Extraordinary Communication Skills

Zach Beach and Kathy Labriola

Zachary Beach

on 22 August 2017

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Transcript of Extraordinary Communication Skills

Learn to Love Presents:
Communication Skills for Extraordinary Relationships
with Marcia Baczynski

We all need love.
Community Survey Results:
September 18
Eileen Barker and Michael Gelbart
The Path of Forgiveness

October 16
Eileen Chao
Let's Talk About Sex

November 18-19th: Special Weekend Workshop:
Living in Harmony:
NVC Tools for Our Most Intimate Relationships

November 20th
Dr. Aly Ash
Feel your way to YES

We long for a love in which we are never reduced or misunderstood.
- Alain de Botton,
On Love: A Novel

Better connection...
Discussing dreams & goals...
Understanding what each spouse wants/needs in a relationship...
Learning communication/listening styles...
Stronger communication skills...
Greater communication skills...
Communicating boundaries...
Giving and receiving feedback...
Self-esteem... shame... squirting...

Person 1: I'm ugly.

Person 2: You're beautiful.

Person 1: ........I'm ugly and you're clearly a liar.
you did the thing that I asked

it wasn't

Compliments exercise
Blocks to receiving love:
self hatred
self rejection
self judgement

Can't receive what we have disowned...

...often the same gifts our parents didn't approve of us having

Receiving Love
Why learn to love?
We will reject someon's love if we do not believe we are lovable.
What happens when our love is rejected?
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