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Male Reproductive

No description

saige batson

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Male Reproductive

the male sex organ used for reproduction and urination. Testicles
These are male reproductive glands that produce sperm cells
and the hormone testosterone. the scrotum hangs from the
body so that the testes have a temperature 3-5 degrees lower
than the rest of the body. If they get to cold the testes will
contract bringing them closer to the body for warmth.

Seminal Vesicle
Sperm are male reproductive cells. A sperm is made up of a head, which contains the nucleus of the cell, a body and a tail. Sperm makes up about 2-5% of semen. Prostate Gland
This is the gland that produces fluid
that helps keep sperm alive. Its only
the size of a chestnut and its located
beneaththe bladder. Without the fluid,
fertilization would be almost impossible. Male Reproductive
a saclike pouch that hangs
under the penis and holds the
testes. Diseases
-testicular cancer: attacks
testes. Has 3 stages; stage 1, stage 2,
and stage 3. Can cause infetility.
-STD's: symptoms can be a discharge from penis,
tenderness in scrotum,lumps, and rashes.
can cause life long threats, and infertility. Stay healthy
-Showering daily can reduce the risk
of infection and take care of odor.
Eating healthy.
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